Refer a friend and get up to 365 days added to your account!

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May 6, 2014
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May 14, 2014
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Refer a friend and get up to 365 days added to your account!


For a limited time only, get your friends or family to sign up for BolehVPN and get your account extended!

For every friend who joins and purchases a BolehVPN package (non trial), you will earn approximately 50% of the days he/she purchased!


These are the rewards for each referral (for a maximum of 365 days added on to your account even for multiple referrals).

30 Day Package: 15 days added on

60 Day Package: 30 days added on

180 Day package: 90 days added on

365 Day Package: 180 days added on

730 Day Package: 240 days added on (This is because this is a limited time offer at a low price already)


  1. Get your friend to sign up here.
  2. Once he is registered and has paid for a package, send an e-mail to support [a] in the following format:
    Subject: Refer a Friend BolehVPN
    Your BolehVPN username: [          ]
    Username of Friend referred: [          ]
    Package which Friend Purchased: [          ]
    Date of Purchase: [          ]
  3. We will add on your additional days to your account within 1 working day and will receive an e-mail of your package extension.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The person referring must be an active paying customer of BolehVPN’s VPN services. This means the account cannot be a free trial and it must not have expired.
  2. This offer is only valid if the person referred purchases a package of 30 days and above.
  3. For multiple referrals, the maximum number of days that can be added to your account is 365 days. This is to prevent accounts from adding from expiring too far in the future in which we cannot plan for.
  4. Days earned through this referral are NOT exchangeable for cash or refunds.
  5. We strongly frown on mass spamming activities so please do not spam your friends to join us. If we get a complaint of spamming, we reserve the right to not award any points for such referrals.
  6. This offer is valid until the 31 May 2014 but we reserve the right to end it early (just in case we need to ramp up capacity).
  7. Only referrals within the offer period 12 May 2014 – 31 May 2014 will be eligible for this. We will not recognise previous referrals and will not entertain such requests.
  8. This offer does not stack with our existing referral points scheme.
  9. Failure to follow the procedure above may result in days not being awarded or delay.

Affiliate Scheme

If you’re a blog owner and would like to earn cold hard cash instead, head on over to our Affiliate page whereby you can earn cash for every successful referral you make. If you’re a particularly popular blog owner, higher commission tier rates are available.

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