Recommendation to use TM's Secondary DNS or OpenDNS

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July 12, 2009
Streamyx slowdown in Penang
July 19, 2009
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Recommendation to use TM's Secondary DNS or OpenDNS

For Malaysian Streamyx users only:

We have noticed that Streamyx’s primary DNS (Domain Name Server) at is heavily congested with ping loss happening.

We strongly suggest you to use their secondary DNS at or

Alternatively, you may use OpenDNS which is at or


  1. IrrugaSinX says:

    well, seems not all people were affected by this as I’am fine with the primary 0.133 DNS.. using the default DNS give me full speed on IRC and torrent (150kb/s) but it is nice to know that there are backups DNS and openDNS..thx…

  2. Jeremy says:

    Thanks…the loss connection have been bugging me 2-3 weeks ago.
    heard that this could be a protocol upgrade issue.(from protocol 4 to 6)
    not sure if that is true or not.

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