Reason for Ipt being disabled found: excessive comments

Ipt account disabled
October 30, 2010
Rumour: Unifi capping in testing?
October 31, 2010
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Reason for Ipt being disabled found: excessive comments

Apparently some idiots were spamming comments and asking for freeleech on every torrent. First of all this is silly considering the account is already freeleech. Secondly no one should be posting excessively long comments if any at all. This is a shared account so just enjoy it and hush. 🙂

Account has been recovered but will only release details later today or Monday so people have time to read the notice.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.


  1. dacmo says:

    Is there a way for figure out which fool is actually causing us these problems either through IP or other means? It’s really irritating that we keep getting these problems because of a few morons.

  2. smackers says:

    i second that.

  3. Liew says:

    Is it up yet? I tried logging in but wasn’t successful.

  4. Liew says:

    Just got the email. Thank you.

  5. joehann says:

    These idiots think just because they are paying for the service, they can do whatever they want. As if it belongs to their father..

  6. Mentora says:

    Using VPN and configuring it for usage with torrents and streaming are done by users with a healthy IT knowledge. There is simply no way they could be DUMB enough to pull stunts like this unless they know what they are doing and yet went ahead a did it.

    I think they should just be banned and their pleas ignored. Users have been advised TIME and TIME again not to mess up with IPTORRENT and yet they still do it.

  7. ZackleR says:

    Ke-bodoh-han yang tidak terhingga 🙁

  8. paparaaapa says:

    man….idiocy is happening in BolehVPN…how many times did you been told that this is a shared account and we are always a freeleech account…i hope bolehVPN is not miuse by this kind of person.

  9. viruz777 says:

    Just because some full did this, we all have to suffer the consequences of being deprived of downloads for 2 days 🙁

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