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August 13, 2009
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August 19, 2009
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Problems connecting to BolehRoute

It seems that popularity of BolehRoute has picked up a lot and as such each server has reach its user limit and may not be accepting additional users. During peak hours, users might find themselves unable to connect to BolehRoute.

We are purchasing additional IP blocks and will be expanding it by another 32 users. This may take a few days to process and configure and we ask for your patience while this is done.

We would like to recommend for people who are not using BolehRoute to disconnect it when idle so that other users can enjoy it too :D.

Update: Another 17 user IPs have been added to BolehRoute 2 and people should not be having issues connecting.


  1. Atavus says:

    Thanks Reuben, who would have thought Boleh Route will get this popular 😀

  2. Nix says:

    i’m the one who always stick to bolehroute

  3. zidanes says:

    just want to ask does this VPN work for online MMORPG games currently i’m playing USA online games does this VPn boost the connection speed or lower the ping ?

  4. angela berg says:

    cool video, i think it definitely proves your point.

  5. gamer says:

    toujours de tres bonne info merci pour ce post !!

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