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March 24, 2009
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March 25, 2009
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Preliminary Discussion on Freeleech Accounts

How would you guys feel about paying USD6.00 a month for unlimited Free Leech? This translates to about RM22.00 a month.

You get your OWN account that NOT Shared with anyone. The normal price for this is USD25.00 so it is a DISCOUNT OF 76%. It sure beats buying a DVD from some Cap Helang store in my opinion.

I understand that for many people this is a lot of money but this is the best deal I can wrangle at this point in time and in my humble opinion is an absolute bargain. All of you guys have been spoilt by free Freeleech unfortunately and unaware of how much this usually costs per person but I can assure you that you will never get such a deal anywhere else in any other decent private tracker site.

Do vote on the Poll created here!


  1. Ater says:

    Now we have to pay juz coz sum idiot try to modify the account. SOB! I think I’ll stick with public torrents. So much things to pay. I only need muvi n tv shows from iptorrents anyway n i think public tracker is currently doing ok.

  2. Peter Goh says:

    I vote YES!!!! I’ll pay for quality.

  3. Rider Ankabut says:

    I guess this is the only way. I’ll join, but maybe every other month. IPT may be fast, but, Streamyx is not and I don’t DL that much.

  4. ningbob says:

    adoiiiiii! pay again! have to think first worth it or not!

  5. mingst3r says:

    Yeah, will definitely pay for it. I guess this is the best option at the moment. Thanks again reuben for doing what you can.

  6. petala says:

    Pay again?! Now I really want to kill this stupid dumbass who got us all fucked! But Reuben is this is the best decision? How can a person fault made us all pay for it? How about just banned this assholes from bolehvpn and iptorrent and let the old business runs as usual again. Public torrent is dead to me. I say if all else fail, I guess free iptorrent account to all bolehvpn subscribers is the way to go. Let us maintain it ourselves for the ratio and such.

  7. Mykchin8 says:

    It is understandable that more controls are needed due to the irresponsible actions of individuals. However, I do not understand why is it required for us to pay now when we did not pay before, especially since it amounts to ~RM260 per year, on top of the BolehVPN charges of ~RM360 per year, and add in Streamyx of ~RM1000 per year, it all adds up really quickly.

    The main objective is control of individuals, so that abuse is checked.

    Is it possible for totally free (No $$) Free Leech IPT accounts to be created separately for individuals, and it has to be “authorized” by BolehVPN before it gets activated? It could be the same username as the one used at BolehVPN. I would not mind if there is a “deposit” to discourage abuse of the account, which will cause the “deposit” to be forfeited. Also, to control abuse, maybe the account is only allowed to create one instance only, just like the BolehVPN account.

    I hope a better solution can be found instead of a solution that requires additional financial commitments. Thanks for the efforts so far.

  8. Reuben says:

    Petala and Mykchin8:

    FreeLeech Accounts costs BolehVPN money.

    In fact, a freeleech account costs more than the subscription price for our VPN. Even without a freeleech account, a NORMAL IPT Account costs twice as much as our VPN subscription price. Altogether to have ONE IPT account + Freeleech access for 1 month, costs USD45.00.

    Compare this to our VPN price of USD10.00 and you can see how quickly it becomes unsustainable.

    Previously I was happy to come to a special arrangement with IPT to allow me to share the freeleech account with hundreds of users, paying a hefty rate to IPT above the normal freeleech rate in view of the shared status of the account. IPT’s founder was ok with this as long as we contributed back to the community via uploading things and having no abuse issues and continued with the donations. We still felt this was a good deal.

    I would LOVE to maintain the status quo but the following reasons why this cannot be done:

    1) IPT’s system automatically detects cheaters and auto locks the account, IPT’s founder has to manually REENABLE it every time this happens. This is a lot of work for him….There is no way to exempt one account from this cheating system.
    2) IPT does not log IPs for its customer’s privacy. It also saves a lot of processing power this way.
    3) I have no way to tell which person is cheating
    4) We have given warnings several times and this was left unheeded. This would have been the 4th or even 6th time the account has been abused.

    As long as the account is shared, the account will always be constantly abused. Having a form of approval process would take ALL my time and will also not be fool proof. The only way is to make people value their account and be responsible for their own account.

    With our proposed new plan it would be as follows:
    a) Provide you VPN
    b) Provide you a Free IPT Account (not freeleech) that is worth USD20.00 on its own and that you can keep even after your time with us at BolehVPN.
    c) If you wish to top up freeleech, you pay RM22.00 for a month of freeleech and there is no commitment to continue the freeleech if you think you have enough ratio to maintain it. You can always stop the freeleech and still continue with BolehVPN and use whatever ratio you built up during your freeleech period! If you are a responsible user, you’ll find that you don’t need freeleech that much and only need it now and then to boost a waning ratio.

  9. Heroes says:

    I just want to download my Heroes epi 20. I dunno why it has to be so complicated. Ok, please sort out this IPT thingy or there is no point for me to use this service

  10. ired says:

    Just wanna ask :

    So, does paying solves the “mis-use by idiots” issue? If one or few in the paying group “mis-use” ipt, will the entire group get “gantung’ed” ???


    • Reuben says:

      ired: paying solves it as EVERY user gets their OWN account that is not shared with anyone else. if they want to cheat on their own acct and get themselves banned, that’s their problem.

  11. dexbot says:

    “Heroes”: Did you join bolehvpn just for IPT? I’m sorry for you; there are so many other private trackers out there.


    The new payment scheme grants you your OWN IPT account which is NOT SHARED with anyone, so, for example if you screw up, the other guys won’t get banned.

    Also, the payment is only for FREELEECH for one month. After the first month, if you believe you can maintain a reasonable ratio at IPT, you don’t need freeleech at all. Thousands of private-tracker users have done this since the dawn of bittorrent, so I don’t see any issues at all.

    You are not required to pay USD6 if you don’t want it. This is totally optional to the VPN service.

  12. lordskarn says:

    I would accept the option to have my own IPTorrent account for free to maintain the ratio.. I’ve done it before at other private trackers and its not so hard, just keep on seeding what you download, dont worry about slow lines, the attempt / action to seed itself will give you bonus points to convert to ratio later.. If you cant maintain your own ratio, then please do pay for freeleech option or use other trackers..

    I have one query, can I use the UK VPN for any other private trackers or is it just for IPTorrents? I understand Public Tracker option is when we’re using mininova and such, but howabout demonoid / torrentmalaya / jiwangtorrent etc? Sorry if its in the FAQ and I missed it.


  13. James says:

    I am seriously sick and tired of noobs who still want to cheat even when the account is already freeleech!!! NOOBS!!!!!


    Reuben hook me up with the RM22 per month mate …. now I need to leave my laptop on just to seed …. arggg!!!!!!

  14. James says:

    ehhh wait …. we’re getting free accounts right ???? lol … alright i dont mind a free account xD

  15. ired says:

    Ok thanks for the explaination. =)

  16. noob says:

    sorry for my ignorance… but how do you ‘cheat’? What does “cheat” means? Download without uploading?

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