Canada Server Update and Streamyx Slowdown
December 8, 2009
BolehRoute 2 Error Identified and Rectified
December 10, 2009
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Possible Regional Slowdown

Now I’m hoping this is not another ‘earthquake’ or cable issue as it appears not just Malaysia is experiencing slowdowns but Singapore as well!

High latency, slow download speeds and all these seem to be linked with sites in the US.

Do post your general feedback (especially if you’re in Singapore). We all know Malaysian internet sucks already which is nothing new but when Singaporeans say ‘I’m slow too!’ then it’s time to start wondering :P.


  1. mysoo says:

    It was fine this morning. Connection to EU still pretty slow about 80% slower. I called up the idiot streamyx and according to them everything is fine. No announce yet on streamyx website. I checked a few blogs and others facing the same issue.

  2. mysoo says:

    Confirm just made another call to streamyx, now they confirm having connection problem to EU region.

  3. sswolf says:

    yeah. it’s slow for me.
    my connection in Singapore is driving me crazy lately with timeouts.
    then again I am using BBoM and not wired.

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