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March 28, 2015
New Luxembourg and UK server
April 5, 2015
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Portal Revamp Massive Changes Incoming

We are finally completing our portal revamp which will streamline the ordering process and make the user experience a lot more responsive, reliable and user friendly. It should also give a boost to security as well.

This was meant to have been completed about a year ago but due to many problems with various programmers and transitioning issues,

We are however confident this time in launching in April and are in the final stages of bug testing and preparing a migration plan. We are planning on a total key reissue to boost security and also a mandatory password reset to move to a more secure password storage system. Will keep you guys posted!



  1. krasnal says:

    Good news. What do you propose to do in order to increase key security? (I know of something that is very much due an upgrade.)

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