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May 21, 2012
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Paypal Payments Halted for the Moment

UPDATE 24 May 2012 5:44PM: Paypal has lifted the limited account status and we are now fully accepting Paypal payments again. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

Dear Customers,

As of yesterday evening, Paypal has limited our account due to the reasons that they wish to know more about our company. I have been assured that this isn’t part of some investigation but is part of their routine security checks ‘for my safety‘. Queries with my other friends who conduct businesses and even personal payments confirm that Paypal has indeed been limiting accounts to get more information about its users. Usually some common triggers is that large amounts of transactions or large amounts of withdrawals from the Paypal account.

You can take a look at some articles on this here:


We have provided all relevant information to them which are basically proof that we as a company exist, our addresses are valid and bank accounts are real. Unfortunately until they lift this limitation, we aren’t able to accept any Paypal payments. We are told that normal procedure would be 3-5 Working Days (ridiculous ain’t it?) but they have promised to expedite the matter (or this might be lip service).

For my part, I would strongly discourage users to use Paypal. We will continue to support it due to its wide acceptance but would like to ask users to consider using alternative payment methods especially if they value their privacy due to the many requests of further information and what I feel are poor business practices (for e.g. If you’re requesting for information, ask and give some time to respond and not LIMIT and then ask?).

We continue to accept cash deposits, credit cards, WebCash and various forms of Malaysian online banking. I’ll add back the Liberty Reserve option as well which disappeared in one of our updates.

Thank you for your kind understanding and trust put into us. We hope to resolve this matter as soon as possible.


  1. shajack says:

    what!!???i just paid using paypal…arghhhhhh!!!!!!!thts y i cant connect

  2. shajack says:

    not yet…the downloaded key still contain expired cert

  3. pitboss says:

    Please re-download the keys.
    We are doing major security fixing and may have interfered with the key activations process.

    Thank you and sorry for the inconveniences.

  4. shajack says:

    hey,cert updated…thank guys,ur the best

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