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June 5, 2011
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June 20, 2011
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OpenDNS blocks P2P sites…"Open" ?

It seems OpenDNS is now blocking P2P by default and as such we are removing OpenDNS from all our servers and will be using the datacenter’s own DNS servers.

So much for ‘open’. If you receive an error, just let us know which server u were on (with the relevant log) and we’ll double check the settings to see if there’s anything that needs to be done. We are also conducting our own internal checks as well to ensure all our settings remove OpenDNS.


  1. ainuddin says:

    no wonder for the past 2 weeks, my torrents always stopped and got hung up in the middle; tracker working but not downloading anything. errors popped up but i wasnt paying attention, just reconnected to the other servers.

  2. kevincvk says:

    so does this account for why my bitcomet downloads were not moving (stuck at 0kbs) since last week?
    if i can’t use bolehroute, what others can i use?
    also, what other settings i need to change to bypass this p2p block?

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