Official Response from TM's Tech Support

Massive Connectivity Issues on Streamyx
July 13, 2008
BolehRoute user cap to be expanded
July 26, 2008
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Official Response from TM's Tech Support

So after wasting my time taking down my details and my username.

He tells me that there is ‘scheduled maintenance’. I say…well your scheduled maintenance was not announced anywhere. He tells me they are doing recabling works.

I ask if there’s anything I can do to alleviate the problem?

He tells me to flush my dns. I tell him it to flush that advice down the toilet.

Whether this recabling works is true remains a mystery but it would explain the patchy connectivity even with LOCAL sites.


  1. onephatcow says:

    LOL cuz we all know flushing our DNS works when their idiots have blown up some junction boxes, or accidently cut through masses of cables…wheee!!!

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