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OCZ/A-Data SSD Prices

We have decided not to sell the VelociRaptors as they are not significantly cheaper than what is available out there. However our SSD prices are still excellent 😀

All warranty 3 years

Watch the Difference of SSDs!

OCZ Vertex

OCZ SSD SATA II Vertex Series 60GB: RM1000.00
OCZ SSD SATA II Vertex Series 120GB: RM1720.00

OCZ Agility

OCZ Agility SATA II Solid State Drive 60GB: RM850.00
OCZ Agility SATA II Solid State Drive 120GB: TBA

A-DATA SSD XPG Series Read/Write 170/100MB/s

These SSDs come with a mini USB port so you can easily use them as a mobile device as well!

SSD XPG Series 32GB RM570.00
SSD XPG Series 64GB RM880.00
SSD XPG Series 128GB RM1420.00

192 GB model please enquire

A-DATA SSD(300) Read/Write: 163/97MB/s

SSD (300) Series 32GB RM470.00
SSD (300) Series 64GB RM750.00
SSD (300) Series 128GB  RM1390.00

E-mail us at s a l e s  at  b o l e h v p n  dot  n e t if you are interested!

Prices do not include shipping though it shouldn’t be substantial within Malaysia.


  1. Albert says:

    Killer products to complement the killer service here. I hope that BolehVpn could have a permanent page with more details like delivery, warranty details and so on. Like a online shopping page.

    Other than that i hope that bolehvpn can bring in other things like sata backplane enclosures and other things that are out of this world (Malaysia) 😉 as you guys are “the gateway” to unthrottled internet.

  2. Lithium says:

    I have a question?

    Can I fit the OCZ in my netbook…. I’ve curious to know it the rumored Netbook + SSD + Moblin Linux = 10 second boot.

    I would be willing to pay this much for a SSD, but I need to know it the drive-bay size on netbooks and laptops is the same, since I’ll be transferring the SSD to a new laptop if I get a new one.

    I did check the prices against those listed locally and in Singapore, and they are very attractive! 😀

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