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September 30, 2009
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Notes when upgrading Utorrent

Through a few instances of tech support, we noticed an interesting problem that cropped up now and then

Symptoms are

  1. Tracker updates work fine and status is Working
  2. Utorrent refuses to connect to any peers/seeders even though the swarm is healthy.
  3. Connection to our servers is fine and not subject to routing issues

The common problem was that they had upgraded their utorrent from an older version without uninstalling it completely first. Now by right, utorrent should be able to import the settings from the old client and have it work perfectly but somehow it doesn’t seem that way.

The best way to make sure you get a working utorrent is to UNINSTALL the old utorrent and when it prompts you whether you wish to delete your app settings, say yes. This ensures a clean install.

If your utorrent is REALLY OLD you might not even have an uninstall option. As such to delete the settings, open run and type in %appdata% and press enter. Browse to utorrent and then delete the whole folder.

Then reinstall with the new one. BolehVPN should work fully with the latest build of utorrent 1.8.4


  1. Wilson says:

    I do encounter it when I was using 1.8.1, I did a downgrade back to 1.6.1(recommended by IPT) and everything work perfectly.

  2. Liew says:

    i have the problem as of this morning actually. if i uninstall my utorrent, would it cause my current files to go missing?

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