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April 2, 2008
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April 6, 2008
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New servers Up!

Ok we just brought up 3 servers and the new configs are up ready for download.

Please note that although these servers should operate fine, they are still brand new and may need tweaking in the coming days. However initial tests with our users show them to be pretty beefy.

Please visit this link for the updated config files. Please note that you have to be

a) Logged into our forums
b) Not on New Subscriber status. (Just apply here )

to access that link.

Enjoy and spread the word. Thanks for your patience, and once again please use our servers responsibly to avoid this happening again.

This means:

a) Downloading for reputable sources
b) Taking note and acting on our notices which we send out


  1. Egg Shen says:

    Magnificent Reuben, thanks a million.

  2. Bryan says:

    Reuben, Master of the Fast Turn-Around.

  3. pitboss says:

    The new servers are apparently much much better in terms of performance and speed. You can access the status page at

  4. dr_jimbo says:

    I’m a new subscriber (registered 29 May). Are the config files from the above mentioned link newer than the ones I just received via e-mail a few days ago? Will I still need to perform the upgrade/config file replacement?


  5. pitboss says:

    All config files sent from renewal are the latest one. There is no need to update your config files if you received them during renewal from 15/April/2008.

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