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August 18, 2010
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New Servers and Configurations Updated

Our server configurations have been updated and we have added a Canada-SurfingStreaming server and a TCP443 server (for firewall bypass).

Installation instructions for these configurations have been updated as well.

You can obtain the latest configuration files by:

  1. Registering for a forum account here (skip this step if you already have a support forum account)
  2. After activating your forum account, login and apply for Support Access. (only if you haven’t done so))
  3. Wait for it to be approved. You will receive an e-mail when this has been done.
  4. Now head on to the BolehVPN Config Files thread while logged on and follow the steps in the first post.


  1. Kho says:

    TCP443 server
    is it like bolehroute for office?

  2. Kho says:

    have read

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BBC iPlayer is now accessible via UK's L2TP too. BolehGEO are now renamed as BolehStream. Get the latest servers from your app.