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December 23, 2016
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New PGP Key for E-mail and Canary

We have just updated our PGP key for e-mail and our warrant canary. The reason we decided to update is our current PGP key was expiring in May 2017 and we wanted to standardize the PGP key both for secure e-mail communications and the warrant canary.

KeyID: 393AC22B8963EE76
Fingerprint: 6A0A 9B3F 94C7 5473 875B D4E6 393A C22B 8963 EE76
Public Key Download

Our old PGP key with fingerprint E1BF835812203ACAD08C35B2F376C3111F2BD9E9 has been revoked and can be verified at PGP MIT.

About PGP

PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) is all about making sure that the contents of an e-mail are secret, genuine and untampered with. As such, as a VPN that values your privacy we allow customers to communicate to us via PGP (just remember to also supply your PGP public key so we can respond!).

PGP can also be used to sign messages to authenticate the source of that message and ensure that the message has not been sent by someone pretending to be us.

For further reading on what PGP is you can read EFF’s introduction.

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