To those who purchased their own IPT accounts
November 13, 2009
Reuben's Internet Out
November 15, 2009
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New Password is out

New password is out for IPT and should be in your mailbox or spam box :D.

Hooray it’s a riddle for all,

A test of comprehension and reading,

But should you not make the score,

Blame Anwar for killing English from schooling.

We will not assist in deciphering the riddle in your e-mail. Our intention is to weed out those who cannot read.

Daun teratai di kolam Siti,

Mencecah lumpur dan berseri,

Untuk mendapatkan login IPT,

Sila baca e-mel dengan teliti!


  1. asai76 says:

    i got mine, and got in, yes, kena “belajar hargai” sesuatu kannnnn…
    he he!!

    thanks Rueben!

  2. DemonicRose says:

    betul tu..!! thanks reubens! *snuggles ipt*

  3. at says:

    hey reuben, thanks for getting back ipt for us.
    appreciate it very much 🙂

    thanks mate

  4. edwin74 says:

    super love the poem… far out man!

  5. is says:

    Dua tiga kucing berlari
    Mana nak sama si kucing belang
    Dua tiga boleh dicari
    Mana nak sama Reuben seorang

    Thanks Reuben 🙂

  6. sazangel says:

    nice poem..i like it..thnk reuben..rilly appreciate it..

  7. samlee860407 says:

    this password easier to rmb 😀

  8. Rider Ankabut says:

    Roger Roger

  9. Izzahz says:

    I hope it stays…
    I think we should ALL try to be more appreciative on the great effort made by Reuben and the IPT team!
    Though come to think of it, we’ve been too much pampered :-)!
    Thanks Reuben.

  10. demondor says:

    Good stuff! 😀 Hopefully no one will mess with the account again. Thanks Reuben!!

  11. natassha says:

    after quite a few attempts, including involving my sister, I cracked the code! haha great fun.

    But is the grammar mistake in the clue intentional? if yes, that is sneaky! hehehe

  12. cwl8181 says:

    nice 1.. tq tq

  13. eddie5a says:

    Done & done. Gracias

  14. larzi says:

    Tried…but fail…again…again…and again……can anyone give me a hint on what the password is….

  15. madcobra says:


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