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January 1, 2014
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March 1, 2014
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New .ovpn Format!

We have moved to a new format for our configuration files. Starting from today,  downloading your keys from the user portal will give you a .zip with nothing but .ovpn files. This will be useful for OpenVPN GUI,  Android, iOS, Asus WRT and other users as you can now just import the ovpn files alone instead of  having to import keys as well. For Boleh GUI, there will be no change. Just update your keys and configurations from the Settings panel.


  1. A. Customer says:

    And for those of us who need the key and crt files because we run Linux?

  2. Joe says:

    This is why you guys are the best!

  3. Jiunn Yik says:

    So now it is using new version or old version ? I cant find where to download both versions in the portal. “Dowload Key” give me old version.

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