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February 5, 2008
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February 5, 2008
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New OpenVPN Release Candidate is out!

A new OpenVPN Release Candidate is out and we have not tested it on either client or server systems yet and therefore unable to recommend it yet. It is unlikely to improve performance but it might solve some compatibility issues with Vista so if you are having problems there, you might want to give it a try.

Most of our users are either using the stable 2.09 release or Release Candidate 4.

Release Candidate 7 can be downloaded here.

Feedback will be very much appreciated.

OpenVPN 2.1_rc7 — released on 2008.01.29 (Change Log)

  1. Windows Vista-ready on both x86 and x64.
  2. OpenVPN GUI is now packaged in the Windows installer.
  3. topology subnet feature, allowing intuitive tun-based VPN subnets having 1 IP address per client.
  4. TAP-Win32 adapter can now be opened from non-administrator mode.
  5. PKCS #11 features for usage of cryptographic tokens (“smart cards”).
  6. multihome feature to enable UDP-based multihoming of the server on multiple interfaces.


  1. bryan says:

    I would recommend sticking to 2.09. I tried this, could not connect, then reverted back to 2.09 and everything worked.

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