IPT Password Change Incoming!
December 29, 2010
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December 31, 2010
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New IPT Details are Out!

New IPTorrents details are out!

If you’re on the new online panel system, the updated details will be in your Bonus section.

If you’re still on our old manual system, it will be in your e-mail address within the next few hours.


  1. Liew says:

    there i was wondering what is happening. hehe.

  2. hasif81 says:

    hi…i can’t find any link to getthe new password for ipt..pls help…

  3. ShadowTek says:

    I think we should start a “Wall of Shame” for those who break the rules of IPT usage. That would give something for the newbs to chew on.

    UserName: ImStupidAsDirt
    Offense: Changed IPT Password
    Penalty: I was banned from IPT and BolehVPN.

    UserName: ImAlsoStupidAsDirt
    Offense: Posted Disrespecful Comment
    Penalty: Reuben hunted me down and kicked me in the balls.

  4. wckhor says:

    Hi, what does the new online panel system mean? what’s the Bonus section? Can anyone let me know how to get the neww password? I have not received any email about the new password change… please help.

  5. Dukeaxr says:

    Congrats..The new online panel system is hassle free n so much easier to use..
    i give 5 star to the system..
    Thank you Boleh VPN,Reuben an all the staff

    Happy new year

  6. zeek_indachalk says:

    Now I’m confused.. how do i get the new password and username again? I’m sorry if this is a dumb question but I would deeply appreciate if someone could point me towards the direction. thank you

    • Reuben says:

      zeek: If you are on the old system it would have been in your e-mail. If you’re on the new panel system it should be in the Bonus section in your panel.

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