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June 17, 2010
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June 17, 2010
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New German Server to come online

Following our previous post that we are replacing some servers, the first server we have bought is a German server and will be brought online over the next few days. Please vote on choice of name!

For background information, besides the name ‘Rebirth’, all the rest are names of German aces:

Manfred Richthofen (also known as the Red Baron): The ace of aces of World War I with 80 combat victories

Werner Voss: an amazing aerial acrobatic German ace who faced off almost single-handedly with 8 enemy aircraft. 48 combat victories.

Erich Hartmann – highest scoring fighter ace in the history of aerial warfare with 352 victories.


  1. NAS71 says:

    I vote for the Red B….though it does sound a mouthful. Perhaps shld also consider something simpler like Kaiser or Beckenbauer….given its World Cup and all.

  2. Eddie5a says:

    Was gonna suggest Crysis simply because that game was spawned in Germany. I’d vote for Red Baron, though.

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