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May 18, 2011
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May 26, 2011
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New BolehVPN-GUI Images finally done!

Thanks to my friend Max, who is an awesomely talented artist, he kindly made the description images for BolehVPN-GUI with each image describing what each configuration does.

To get them, just hit Update Config in BolehVPN-GUI, and you should receive the new configuration files and the images.


  1. Json188 says:

    Couldn’t update configuration files, it feedback me update failed…

  2. naz says:

    How about a Sidebar gadget to show the bolehvpn status like the GUI has? Bytes received and sent, link status, etc.. That way we can see at a glance if the connection is down. With the OpenVPN GUI I can see if it’s up or down by the taskbar icon color (red/green), with this GUI i cant.

  3. naz says:

    I humbly suggest that you either put the version number in the app details (right click file then click properties) or include the version number in the name of the file ). At the moment, I don’t know if I have the latest version, and since I keep the installers, what version That one is.

  4. naz says:

    Thanks, you’re the best ruebun 🙂

  5. jives says:

    can’t seem to get through the link — 404 Not Found

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