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February 12, 2009
IPT Access Restored
February 14, 2009
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Mistaken Change of Password of IPT Account

We have spoken to one of our customers who had changed the IPT account and he has informed us it was an honest mistake.

IPT password has been restored into our possession but we will be holding on it for one day before releasing details again when I find the time to make the proper arrangements.

I will not be responding to PMs for the new IPT password until later today.


  1. dokdoki says:

    curse you XXX….shame on You!..don’t me see you on the street..sure i belasah u kau kau~!
    Edited: Name taken out due to apparent genuine mistake

  2. imiharrima says:

    really stupid..go to HELL!

  3. housedetective says:

    define: honest mistake?
    where were you when it happen?
    what were you thinking?

  4. ibex7 says:

    I’m extremely crossed with this man Reuben. In this case, there is no such thing as honest mistake. If someone wants to change the password, the person need to go the password setting section and set up a new password. This incident wouldn’t happened in first place if that DAMN person didn’t has itchy fingers. You really should banish this person from using IPTorrent ever again as he/she has caused many resentment among the subscriber. Yeah2, he said that account was his to use, but you may say whatever you want just to save up your ARSE. BE A MAN. SAY THAT YOU INTENTIONALLY WANT THE WHOLE DAMN ACCOUNT!! Reuben, I wish you will ban him forever for good.

    • Reuben says:

      I have offered him a separate IPT account that will not have freeleech on it and it would be him that is responsible in maintaining it.

  5. charak says:

    please…kick him out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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