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Missing Student (UPDATE: Kidnap was staged doh!)

Update: Kidnap was staged Sigh!


Dear All,

We recently received e-mails from several of our customers to put out an announcement for a missing person who went missing on the 14 November 2011. Should anyone have any leads, please contact 03-4289 7222 Criminal Investigation Department, Ampang Jaya District Police Headquarters. God bless to her safe return.


  1. RoboKop says:

    She has been found,she staged her own kidnapping please take this notice down …thanks

  2. Frank says:

    Apparently so in certain medias but a lowyat user claimed she’s been released.


  3. AnGryBird says:

    This girl is a f*king tard. I was worried about her thought it was real.

    After reading this article, I’m so PISSED OFF!
    If she got pregnant, please come on, just hide it till the “Oven” getting bigger and then confess to the parent. Why must trouble the media and all the people with such a ruckus?

    You know wht, the f*king tard student is like a Liar with a group of Sheep that lies to the villager regarding the Tiger attack. That is why most people doesn’t really care about these stupid case at all because there is too many moron like her.

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