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June 10, 2012
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June 13, 2012
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Maybank having TAC issues

If you’re a Malaysian customer trying to pay via Maybank, you may be experiencing issues in getting your TAC to your phone. This is not a problem with our payment gateway.

There’s been an announcement on Maybank’s website of the following:

Dear Valued Customers,

We are experiencing a general issue with TACs from Maybank2u at the moment. Some users may experience delays in receiving it. We are working on restoring things at this moment. We apologise for the inconvenience caused.

Thank you for your understanding and support.

There’s been no announced ETA as to when they would fix this.


  1. mysoo says:

    Maybank have the worst customer service ever. Below is my conversation with MBB customer service officer:

    Me : Ur online banking is down, I can’t rqst for TAC
    CSD : Our online is fine. But TAC rqst is down.
    Me : But I need the TAC to transfer fund. That’s means online is down.
    CSD : No. Only TAC down. u need to go ATM to do transfer.
    Me : How long the TAC rqst going to be down.
    CSD : Depends on the telcos. I can’t promised. U try later.
    Me : OK. Is there any other way beside going to ATM?
    Me : Can I request transfer thru phone from u?
    CSD : Yes. But u need to go to ATM to register first. Then call us to transfer

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