Looking for Praise: Earn Up to 18 free days credit for positive feedback!

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September 7, 2011
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September 13, 2011
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Looking for Praise: Earn Up to 18 free days credit for positive feedback!

Guess what, we’re looking for praise cause we’re secretly low on self esteem and need some primping!

Here’s how to qualify for up to 18 days of credit!

Please read ALL THE RULES below.

  1. You need to be a current subscriber of BolehVPN. Expired subscribers do not qualify.
  2. Only reviews later than 6 September 2011 count.
  3. You shall allow all such reviews to be posted by BolehVPN on their frontpage or any promotional material.
  4. Post a positive review on our Facebook Wall and our Review page. Post must be in BOTH locations (you can make the same post). This will earn you 3 days extension!
  5. Post a positive review of BolehVPN on your Twitter account with our link https://www.bolehvpn.net and @bolehvpn in the tweet.  This will earn you 2 days extension!
  6. Write a positive review of BolehVPN on this thread at least 15 words long. This will earn you 3 days extension!
  7. Write a review of BolehVPN on your blog linking to our site at https://www.bolehvpn.net (no less than 100 words). This will earn you 10 days extension!
  8. Drop an e-mail to reviews at bolehvpn dot netinforming us of the reviews you posted and any information we need to identify and verify it (such as links or screenshots or name you posted with). THIS IS IMPORTANT TO QUALIFY FOR YOUR CREDITS!
  9. We will extend your account by the requisite number of days within one day from receiving your e-mail and you should get an e-mail when your package has been extended.
  10. You can choose whether to post on any medium: Facebook/Twitter/BolehVPN Forum/Blog or on all. Credits will be given as stated above.
  11. Each user is only allowed to qualify for this credit once.
If you feel there’s an area we can improve in, you can always drop an e-mail or detail your problem with relevant details so that we can resolve them for you!
Many thanks once again for your continued support over the years!

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