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September 7, 2009
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September 8, 2009
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IPTorrents Tards

Couple of people have given themselves invites to IPT without asking us for permission. 6 of you will be given a warning e-mail and have their IPT account terminated plus they will no longer have access to the IPT account.

IPT password will be changed again soon.

For the uninitiated, please find the revised rules:

Key Rules for IPT Use

  1. The pbbolehvpn account does not belong to you and is a shared resource among all BolehVPN users.
  2. You shall use an approved torrent client for e.g. Utorrent, Vuze (for Mac users only) or rtorrent
  3. You shall not attempt to steal or change the password of this account.
  4. You shall not share the account information with non BolehVPN customers or publish it in any form of media.
  5. You shall not attempt to cheat on ratio using hacks/programs.
  6. You shall not give yourself invites or use bonus points from the account
  7. You shall conduct yourself in a professional manner in posting comments/requests in IPT

Breach of any of these rules or any other behavior deemed inappropriate in our absolute discretion will result in you being denied access to IPT and in serious cases, will result in summary termination of your BolehVPN account as well.

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