LinkedIn Possibly Hacked: 6.46 million passwords leaked?

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June 6, 2012
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June 8, 2012
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LinkedIn Possibly Hacked: 6.46 million passwords leaked?

There has been reports by ZDNet and Business Insider that LinkedIn has been hacked with 6.46 million passwords (however in hash form) being posted on a Russian Hacker site.

LinkedIn still cannot confirm that a security breach has occurred as posted on their Twitter account.

However it may be prudent to change your password (and hopefully not to one that you share with your other logins just in case it is hacked again). Also we note that many reports are stating that the passwords are ‘encrypted’ which a techie may find inaccurate. A geeky and slightly ranty video about the difference between a hash and encryption. Basically hashes are one-way while encryptions are designed to be decrypted by people with the right keys.

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