L2TP and US Surfing Streaming Server undergoing Reinstall

Swiss Server CPU upgraded
September 27, 2011
Configuration Update – New Swiss Fully Routed Server 4 October 2011
October 4, 2011
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L2TP and US Surfing Streaming Server undergoing Reinstall

We are reconfiguring our L2TP server to PPTP connection for support for mobile devices. As such over the next 48 hours there will be some intermittent connectivity with L2TP and US Surfing Streaming as the server is brought down for reinstall and reconfiguration. The US-SurfingStreaming service lies on the same server and therefore will also experience the same intermittent connectivity.

Despite the vulnerabilities of PPTP VPN connections, L2TP seems to be problematic with many mobile devices and PPTP remains the most widely supported VPN protocol in devices. As most users use it primarily to appear from a different location rather than hardcore security, we feel this is an acceptable solution for the intended users of the L2TP server. In any case, it would make the occasional Firesheep/Facebook hacker on a public wi-fi think twice before attempting to break the PPTP VPN. PPTP also has low overhead making it a more responsive protocol.


  1. thehobo says:

    Guys, when this will be up again?

  2. thehobo says:

    Actually the pptp works fine on for my Samsung Galaxy S2. I’m only facing issue configuring it for my Windows machine though.

  3. oneazman says:

    Still having problem connecting with iphone/ipad. Is it IOS/bolehvpn or my settings are wrong?

  4. pitboss says:

    Please disable encryption and select PPTP only instead of the L2TP/PPTP.

  5. Raymond says:

    The IP address of the US-SurfingStreaming changed already?

  6. oneazman says:

    What is the server for pptp? Is it still l2tp.bolehvpn.net or is it pptp.bolehvpn.net?

    I tried both but couldn’t connect. This is frustrating, one of the main reason i subscribed for bolehvpn is to listen to pandora

  7. oneazman says:

    Sorry, I got a 404 going to the link page

  8. Eugene says:

    can i knw when android can connect pptp again?

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