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January 30, 2008
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January 31, 2008
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Kusanagi Completes its Upgrades

Kusanagi has finished undergoing its upgrades and is now back online.

You are welcome to populate this server as its usage is very low at the moment.

These upgrades are in line with our plan to steadily bring all our servers up with the latest OS fixes for performance and stability improvements.

As from the time of posting, the following servers have been upgraded:

  1. CincauHangus
  2. Kusanagi
  3. Seedbox 1
  4. Seedbox 2


  1. Silencers says:

    Im curious. You have your own domain and hosting – but why use a blogspot blog?

  2. Boleh Community says:

    Ease of use and it fits the purpose.

    A few people have asked me to use wordpress and host it locally instead but since this is tied to the e-mail we use to receive subscriptions, it’s easier that way.

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