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Kingdom for Keflings Review (PC)

Need a casual game to pass the time yet not have the stress of failing? Enjoy city building? Then this game might be worth a look at.

Premise is that you’re a giant (of the friendly sort) that helps Keflings (clueless, single-minded people who like to wave at you when there’s nothing to do) build their kingdom. The main goal of the game is to progress through the tree building things until you get a castle.

You assign Keflings to gather resources, transport materials, man buildings, and all this by placing some sort of hat (almost like a mind control device of sorts when you think of it) on the Keflings head. What’s this with hats and jobs anyway (remember Fat Princess for PS3?)? Resources gathered are placed in buildings where they are turned into components. These components are then used to build structures and buildings which then unlock more buildings to be built.

Now Kingdom for Keflings (KfK) wouldn’t satisfy the hardcore gamer. Several key elements:

  1. This isn’t your traditional sim game where you try to manage limited resources. Resources are UNLIMITED. The resources near you can be cleared to make space for buildings but the ones at the edges of the map are unlimited.
  2. Where resources are unlimited…you can’t fail. There isn’t any disaster or basically anything bad that can happen to your kingdom or your Keflings. You can’t lose the game…now this may be a bad or good thing.
  3. The game mechanic is simple and repetitive. KfK is about the simple joys of managing and building things. You can’t play KfK at long hours at a stretch without getting bored fast.
  4. The rewards aren’t like OMFGWTFBBQ EPIC WEAPONN…in fact…when you finish building a building, most of the time all you get is….a new blueprint to build more buildings! KfK’s satisfaction comes from the act of creating your teeming little city of worker ants…I mean Keflings.

Now with all this is KfK a bad game? Hardly. It fits what it sets out to do admirably, a stress-less game meant to be played in short intervals to relax and soothe. Exactly what a guy like me coming home from a hard day at work needs. Its graphics are fun, runs on almost any system and harkens back to an older era of games where things were simple. Perhaps the only complaint is that unlike the XBox system, the PC version for KfK does not have any achievements system or the ability to customize your giant. These small things would have helped made the game that little bit more rewarding.

There’s also an multiplayer option where you can play with your friends. I haven’t tried this myself but I’m not quite sure how much value this adds (perhaps to play with your significant other?)…I am unaware of any change in game mechanic or special abilities that comes with co-op mode.

Kingdom for Keflings is slightly pricey at 19.95 USD though there is a free trial available. You can grab both at their official website.

KfK isn’t for everyone, but the execution of its simple play mechanic is well done and is a great way to end your day :D.

System Requirements:

  • OS:Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.
  • CPU:800 MHz
  • Memory:256 MB RAM.
  • Graphics:3d Graphics Card 32MB, supporting OpenGL 2.0* or later
  • PS: It works on Eyefinity too! 😛

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