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May 21, 2011
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May 26, 2011
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IPTorrents Password changed

As usual, grab it from the Bonus section in your BolehVPN panel. Only available for non-trial subscribers.


  1. bil says:

    Where’s this bonus section? I’ve installed the BolehVP v02.2 today. can’t seem to find the password.

  2. Joseph Ting says:

    @bil login @ and you’ll see it on the right side

  3. bil says:

    Got it guys. Thank you!

  4. Robin says:

    i do have a full sub but my account profile says i have no package active…

  5. kenlau says:

    Also have a full subscription, but not reflected in the account. Therefore, also cannot see the password. Any fix for this?

  6. Izzah says:

    The link links to order form. Can’t see any password there…

  7. michael lu says:

    me too, cannot log in. pls help

  8. ainuddin says:

    boss, ive logged-in, got to the Bonus section with the red star in front of it, clicked it and nothing happened.

  9. kenlau says:

    In the past, if there is a password change, it is just emailed to all the subscriber. This new way working is just plainly a terrible idea.

  10. Izzah says:

    yeah, just email it to us!

  11. Kristian says:

    As the rest I have an beta account that does not reflect my subscription, so no PW. Can someone send a mail?

  12. simon82 says:

    The “bonus” link didnt do anything.
    It stated my package there as Trial VPN user??

    How come?

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