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November 13, 2009
To those who purchased their own IPT accounts
November 13, 2009
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IPTorrents Account Locked Down for the moment

A bit of a back story for those of you out of the loop. First of all IPT is not affiliated to me. I do not receive any money from them and the founder is merely a friend of mine.

IPTorrents suffered a minor database error which resulted the IPT account being resetted. This was alright however their mailserver also crashed at the same time making recovery of passwords impossible.

Now this was actually rectified really quickly and the old password was restored, but somebody, reading the notice OR trying to steal the account took this opportunity to jump in and change the password.

After a day of downtime, I managed to get the founder to restore the account. However as soon as I tried to restore the old password, the password was changed again, I reset it, managed to log in, then a few minutes later, it was reset again.

As such, suspecting foul play, I have locked down on the account to prevent further abuse and a couple of other reasons

  1. Cheating on the account remains rampant despite it being freeleech and an updated rule set.
  2. People not reading IPT rules or my rules in using IPT.
  3. People being jackasses.

Right now, whether the public freeleech account will be restored is up in the air. I do intend to restore access to all donators who helped support the freeleech account but for the rest, I don’t know yet as it’s become rather taxing and I don’t know whether people deserve it.

However for those long-term users who are fedup of having the IPT freeleech account meddled with can opt to have their own IPT account (which is however not freeleech). I currently have about 15 left. To qualify you need to be

  1. A subscriber for more than 100 days (or have paid for such a period)
  2. Familiar with private trackers and know how to behave and maintain ratio
  3. Make a payment of RM34 or USD10.00 to the normal bank/Paypal accounts except send the e-mail to instead. All proceeds will go to IPT after the deduction of any Paypal charges and this will be totally accounted for. I am not making any money from this.


  1. ired says:

    Rueben, pls reserve one IPT account for me. I shall make payment for rm34 via maybank2u when i reach my office in the morning. Thank you.

  2. ShadowTek says:

    Subject: You’ve got money!


    Payment sent.

  3. asai76 says:

    hi rueben,

    i have paid and received your reply to check my email and spam… but i have not yet received any account info. thanks.

    • Reuben says:

      asai76: I will look into this. IPT is down atm though.
      gs20: will ask him to look into it but u need to provide me the e-mail you paid/signed up with
      pirataloco: take note that BolehVPN subscription and IPT pledges are separate and different since IPT money does not go to me eventually.
      imjm80: Don’t let you down again?

      Those who paid for the IPT invites: Hold on, IPT is encountering site issues and founder is working on it. Don’t want to bother him till then.

  4. eddie5a says:

    Thanks for the IPT account invite. Much appreciated.

    I’ll still be donating towards the public one as well…tomorrow,…er, later today, I mean. It is 4.20 am at the moment.

  5. uptown says:

    Payment sent.
    Thank you

  6. imjm80 says:

    done … payment sent.. i forward you the email which i think better. if not you wouldnt know who send to you right?
    thanks.. dont let me down again thanks another.

  7. pirataloco says:

    I qualify on count number 1 and 2, do you need donors now now?
    i go as far as pledge extra rm100 next time (in 124days), do let me know.


  8. sazangel says:

    how many invites left?/ can reserve 1 for me..if still got i will make payment this morning later..but i forgot how long i already use bolehvpn..i geust i already pass 100 can check my account username: sazangel,save 1 invites for me k

  9. Ming says:

    Reuben, can u reserve one for me too. Thanks.

  10. Alex says:

    Count me in. Will transfer $$ shortly

  11. aidy888 says:

    already transferred the money late last nite…

  12. gs20 says:

    Since you’re close to the founder, could you please pass my message to him?
    I just bank in $20 two days back and I didn’t receive anything in return.

  13. Liew says:

    count me in, i’ll pay later

  14. Caesar says:

    Hi would appreciate if you guys could continue the freeleech……… just find out who changed he password and ban him…
    i mean the freeleech been running for a few months without a problem until this sob mofo showed up….

  15. asai76 says:

    thanks rueben, i noticed that IPT site a bit of a chaotic in the past few hours. Haven’t got the invites, but it’s ok, i’ll wait until everything is working back to normal again.

    thanks!! and poor you to have to go through all the troubles. You’re still the best!!

  16. Reuben says:

    Caesar: remember that IPT does not log details for everyone’s security.

    asai76: apologies for the delay. Please check the blog post above for full details.

    gs20: I have told him about your issues and he told me that all activations are postponed due to the problems IPT is facing and will reactivate it once everything is in order.

  17. ericong77 says:

    How many invites already in your list? If still got, reserve one for me. Bank in to your Maybank account right?

  18. gs20 says:

    Thanks for the prompt reply. Will wait for your good news.

  19. Seerz27 says:

    Reuben , reserve me an ipt account. I will wait for the all clear sign. thanks for all your trouble. keep up the good work.

  20. raki says:

    is there still any invites left? if so, reserve one for me and i’ll make the payment asap

  21. wokuman says:

    Hi Reuben..

    still got any left?

  22. Ming says:

    hey reuben, made the payment already earlier on this morning.

  23. winzmy says:

    Hi Reuben,

    Had bank in RM34 to your account and also email you Will wait for IPT back to normal then receive your invite. Thanks!


  24. gr8pyr says:

    Hi Reuben,

    Banked in RM34 in your acc and emailed too. Thanks!

  25. sazangel says:

    reuben..ur know the founder of iptorrent rite..i would like buy vip account $20..but i dunhave he frm malaysia also?can i buy from him using CIMB?? or did u sill have invites left?plz i rilly ned it

    • Reuben says:

      sazangel: even if u could buy now he won’t issue it until 1-2 days from now as he wants to make sure the database is stable before accepting new users.

      He’s not from Malaysia.

      Remember VIP does NOT mean freeleech.

  26. fiberstudios says:

    reuben… u ignoring my email?

    Im sorry bout the first email I sent to you… Im not really good at choosing words… I really like BolehVPN and IPT .. I rather pay more to get an account on IPT… if can get VIP ($20) one.. I dont mind.. sorry again…

    Please if u can consider my apologies

  27. wokuman says:

    Hi, Reuben..

    still got any account left? Will bank-in the payment after receiving confirmation from you.


  28. dacmo says:

    Rueben… I’m interested in an account as well… Will bank in the money as soon as I hear confirmation from you.

  29. fiberstudios says:

    hello reuben..

    pls ignore my above post… i changed my mind..

    is it okay for me to keep donating and subscribing BVPN ?

    thanks for all work hard u did Reuben..

    have a nice day

  30. rksy81 says:

    Hai. Are there any invites left? I want one. Please let me know. I’ll bank in $ immediately.

  31. gs20 says:

    Got my VIP account. Thanks again for the hard wrok!

  32. masterelr says:

    I banked in a few days ago but haven’t got a reply whether you received it or not.

  33. love says: send me IPT account

  34. junaid says:

    can any one send me iptorrent invitation plzzz

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