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March 23, 2009
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March 24, 2009
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IPTorrents Account disabled again

Ratio cheating again on a FREELEECH account. Unthinkable…

IPT Account disabled until further notice.

This is our final warning after which we will move to a system where invites will be given instead so that each person has their own individual account and is responsible to maintain it.

Update: We have decided to move directly to an invite based system which will have no Freeleech access but have everyone responsible for their own ratios. Remember this normally costs USD$20.00 per account and we are giving these accounts to you free of charge. IPTorrents is one of the easiest sites to maintain ratio especially with their seedpoint system.

If you do think you need a seedbox for private trackers, you may check out our BolehSeed packages here.


  1. cstkl1 says:

    what the hell man.
    why cant ppl follow the allowed clients..

    either that their just dumb ass retards that cant read that must have been educated from chinese school.
    i advice other than doing free invites ..
    y not ask ppl to take a screenshot of their torrent clients version when applying and have a english test while ure at it..

    this sux especially when loads of series will be out tommorow.

  2. eddie5a says:

    How do people cheat on a freeleech? i don’t get it. Is it possible it can accidentally happen? Is there a way to know who these guys are? I’m hoping this gets resolved soon cos I like the speeds that IPT has…

  3. nooramad says:


  4. housedetective says:

    who did it?

  5. Ccs says:

    gawd, not again. now i’m stuck dling at 98%.

  6. krusty68 says:

    Curious? How does one cheat a freeleach account?

    • Reuben says:

      krusty68 and eddie5a:
      They use fake torrent clients to show upload that has not really been uploaded. IPT has a system which I have been assured has no false positives to detect signs that a fake torrent client has been used which auto disables the account.

      So everytime it gets disabled, the founder has to reenable it which is very troublesome for him and just not worth his time.

      Now why would someone want to fake upload on a freeleech account is beyond me.

  7. Peter Goh says:

    Damn the idiot(s) who did this. If using the invites method where everyone has thier own account, will it be freeleech as well?

    • Reuben says:

      Peter Goh:
      No you will have to maintain your own ratio however if you keep seeding, even if you don’t upload any actual data, you will receive seed points which you can convert into upload!

  8. Suckalicious says:

    It’s a pretty simple explanation on how to cheat on a freeleech account;

    1) you must have a single digit IQ.
    2) you must be inbred
    3) Since you are no.1) , you can’t threfore read the instruction properly
    4) Since you are no.2) you are just a selfish ignorant bastard…..


  9. bryan says:

    Because`we have too many retarded people in Malaysia thinking they are smart when in fact they’re quite the opposite. Malaysians like to think they can get away with anything, we’re the top credit card fraud country in the world, when IRC was all the rage IRC networks use to gline the whole of Malaysia.

  10. Gigants says:

    Sad this case happened again… Sigh…

    By the way, there is nothing wrong with chinese school anyway… Peace…

  11. raist86 says:

    let’s just move to invites for individual account. Sick and tired of those idiots who dunno how to follow rules.

  12. lechuza86 says:

    “It’s a pretty simple explanation on how to cheat on a freeleech account;

    1) you must have a single digit IQ.
    2) you must be inbred
    3) Since you are no.1) , you can’t threfore read the instruction properly
    4) Since you are no.2) you are just a selfish ignorant bastard…..


    i have to agree with Suckalicious… f**kin idiots… haiz…

  13. freeman says:

    u guys dont know how hard to maintain a good ratio at private tracker website
    especially with slow upload on streamyx account
    useless **** try to cheat on freeleech account >_<

  14. sswolf says:

    Wow. Again?
    I didn’t need to use IPT but I am sad that some morons causes this whole thing to be unavailable to the rest of BolehVPN community.

  15. Ccs says:

    man, i’ll miss the freeleech. Maintaining ratio is a pain in the arse as streamyx upload speed is half of download’s.

  16. nooramad says:

    bak kata pepatah Melayu: “Kerana Nila Setitik Rosak Susu Sebelanga”.
    What a pain..

  17. Paul says:

    How do you ensure you are not cheating? Just by using the correct torrent software is it? Just want to make sure it is not me!! For me, upload speed is 512 and download is 4000! What a bummer.

  18. gnome says:

    Could it be that its purposely done by some individual to disrupt bolehvpn? its just a hunch anyways lol but it is sad that the account is closed now 🙁

  19. irwanabraham says:

    Duhhhh i cant believe this continues to happen.

    So where do i sign out for this invite? My download is stuck at 90%.


  20. Ccs says:

    Maybe you could assign freeleech account for each of your subscriber and when this happen again, you would know who and wouldn’t put other into the same mess.

    • Reuben says:

      Ccs: A Freeleech account is expensive. I cannot afford to spend 25 USD for every FREELEECH account to be given out.

  21. ningbob says:

    haiyaaaaa! not again! very troublesome like this! so what is the solution?

  22. freeman says:

    suggestion : long time subscriber with minimum 1 year plus (with at least one private tracker with good ratio) given IPT free leech account
    less than one year got invites for IPT but not free leech account

  23. eddie5a says:

    Not that I’m a hurry or anything (I am – heh) but when will these invites begin? will it be like that magical thing where I open my inbox one day and there it is or is it something that the users have to do actively – like apply on the forum or something?

    In any case, thanks for everthing – I know it must be a pain to be constantly trying to fix this problem…so thanks again.

  24. Ccs says:

    We grateful that you are paying it for us but because of someone’s stupidity caused all this trouble. freeman’s suggestion is not bad, maybe you could take it into consideration. We streamyx user need to use double of the download time to get 1:1 ratio which is very unconvenient for us and most of us doesn’t get the line for ourself only as the rest of family need to use it too. I hope you get what i mean and anyway we’ll respect your decision. Peace.

  25. permint says:

    I have to show my greatest gratitude for the admins to provide us a solution asap.

  26. edwin74 says:

    can give option to purchase freeleech account?… since it is almost hopeless to maintain ratio with streamyx upload speeds… How long does the US$25 freeleech account last? IF BULK purchase of individual FREELEECH accounts, can get discounts?

  27. Paul says:

    Reuben, since we are paying for the boleh sub, any chance of a special sub on top of the boleh proxy for a freeleech membership to IPT? Ccs is correct, I have a private account with IPT which I maintain and seed as much as possible, but to get 1:1 is impossible via our good old streamyx.

  28. Reuben says:

    Paul and CCS:

    Yes I do understand that and FreeLeech will remain for a few select members or long term customers. The problem is I have no way of monitoring of who will cheat on such an account and I am frankly quite exhausted dealing with something I have given to our customers for free. On top of this, several of our users have to keep uploading torrents (special shout out to kenkan73) to make IPT a better place for everyone and keep our account in good repute. It is a LOT of work.

    I also do not have the time to monitor and approve trusted users for IPT Freeleech nor do I want to incur additional expense in employing a Moderator of sorts just to vet through IPT applications. It just does not make commercial sense!

    I am open to suggestions. The founder of IPT is a friend of mine and I don’t want to do anything to jeapordize his site as well. Freeleech accounts that are shared among many people are damaging to the site as a whole. It was only allowed because of my monthly contributions towards IPT, my friendship with the founder and also our user’s help in uploading good content to the site. However strictly speaking, IPT does not gain much from our relationship so they are doing us a favour by honoring this arrangement.

  29. Victor says:

    I really wouldn’t mind paying 25 USD for a freeleech account myself…… I can see a few of you wouldn’t mind either. If you can work out a deal for a bulk discount for a freeleech account, even better. Thanks for trying to keep the idiots out anyway Reuben……..

  30. Liew says:

    actually, i’ve only started using the account for about a month and it’s one of the best services i’ve ever used. to maintain the ratio is gonna be a bitch because i notice that for a 6GB file that i download, the upload rate was only like a measly 40mb.

    thank you to all the mod for the good service. it’s been a pleasant experience and i wish this issue gets resolved immediately.

    that being said, i hope that idiot(s) that did us this favour rot an eternity in hell which getting a keyboard slammed into his face every other minute. he really screwed us up good.

  31. edan1979 says:

    BODOH BETULLAH…. who the heck do the same stupid thing again….

  32. Exarkun says:

    A Freeleach account for the selected and long term customers do sound like a good idea. Or a top up of say RM5 or RM10 on top of the normal BVPN subscription that goes into paying for a common but vetted freeleach account. A freeleach account goes to about US$25 per month. If enough users opted to top-up an extra RM5-10 a month, then it should be viable.

  33. grimreaper says:

    man how can this be,d only reason I subscribe to bolehvpn is bcoz of ipt is like my downloadmine, it’s fast n resourceful,whoever did d cheat is truthfully retarded

  34. Kee says:

    Just when I started using Bolehvpn on friday…..

  35. pata222 says:

    Could someone please explain in detail what this “freeleach cheating” is all about. Sorry for being a newbie. I read the forum but still don’t understand. I hardly download any torrents marked as freeleach and I never share my account with anybody. As for other non-freeleach torrents is there a fixed ratio to maintain? I often download old torrents and though I seed for hours there is no other people downloading, so how do I maintain any raito? I want to know more so that I don’t inadvertantly violate any rules. Thank you.

  36. edwin74 says:

    as long as i have been in bolehvpn, Ive gathered this info :

    “Freeleach” as the name implies… allow u FREE way to leach (download), without any restriction of an upload quota/ratio. Our relationship in IPT due to Bolehvpn relationship with them gave ALL users of VPN an OVERALL “Freeleach” account to any torrent in IPT regardless if it was noted as Freeleach or not… IT WAS SUPER!… one of a kind service!

    What the Cheater did was to fake his uploads… aka install something or hack something to trick his upload status to IPT trackers that he/she is uploading valid torrents in high bandwith… FOR WHAT REASON i donno… just for the heck of it also got no point to it… since the account is already FREE!… so the darn CHEATER inadvertedly brought about the IPT account cancellation…

    Infact the way the original “Freeleach” account setup was made, normal newbies who just leach or donno anything would never violate the rules… ONLY some knowledgeable BUT DARN INCONSIDERATE person did this…

  37. kaxhinaz says:


    What they are discussing here is about the IPT account that you have been using. The account itself is freeleach account, which means all downloaded files are not counted to the ratio. only the uploaded data is counted. Some retarded person(s) that cannot comprehend what is the PROPER torrent client use stupid torrent clients (i.e hacked utorrent?) to cheat the ratio. What’s the point of cheating if you can download all the stuff you want and just upload as long as you can? Reuben have been very generous to allow us download without maintaining the 1:1 ratio. But for me, I’m uploading as long as i can as a good gesture to his generosity. But now, what can to do?

    To answer you questions, you don’t have to maintain your ratio, just seed as long as you can. If you are tired of waiting, just stop the torrent and go to the next one. That’s the function of bolehvpn’s ipt freeleach account. Don’t ever use torrent clients that claimed to increase your ratio quickly. That is the root of this problem now. Stupid cheater(s)…

  38. Reuben says:

    Leech la ppl LEECH not Leach 😛

  39. pata222 says:

    Thanks, edwin74, for your explanation. Quite relieved that I didn’t inadvertantly violate the rules. It sounds like some kind of sabotage. Anyway, quite disappointed as I just recently subscribed to bolehvpn and am just beginning to enjoy fast downloading through the private tracker.

  40. kaxhinaz says:

    Oops..Sorry Reuben. Cannot write properly because thinking of what those idiots have ruined…

  41. neokohai says:


  42. mengshi6559 says:

    I noticed that with the private tracker, my upload rates are not as sustained as with the public trackers. In fact over the last few days before the IPT went down, my uploads were very slow ie. set at 15 but only doing 5-10. When using public trackers, my uploads are always very sustained. Has anyone noticed this?

  43. edwin74 says:

    oppsie… yep! its spelled LEECH… like the real thing… u know those blood sucking fellas… Leech! aka. Lintah in malay… :p

  44. Jason Han says:

    Which motha faker start it again.
    Don’t let me know who you are, I’ll stomp your little wee wee until you won’t dare to use the internet again!

  45. acputra says:

    who is that SO STUPID PERSON???????????????

  46. sswolf says:

    That’s coz the ratio of leechers to seeders are much much lower on private trackers since everyone is obliged to seed back their leech amount.
    On public trackers, there are lots more hit and runners than seeders.
    Go figure.

  47. albon tiong says:

    I’m new with this. Can anyone tell me which torrent downloader is not hacked one? Use Thunder or bit comet? I went to IPT website and have a look & a lot of good quality movies around. Currently I am using easymule, wanted to switch back to torrent. Need some advice on the torrent downloader program.

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