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July 18, 2014
Migrating to a Newer Switzerland Server
July 20, 2014
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IPT Solution Beta Test

We are holding a limited release of the IPT solution to test the code out and make sure it works.

For those that read this post, drop us an e-mail in the following format:

BolehVPN username:
IPT username:
Package Subscribed:
Expiry Date:

Once we’ve activated you, it would take about an hour for a new option in the Donate section to show up that would show the BolehVPN special. Click on Donate and you’ll see the new freeleech options.

Please be patient as we’ve been flooded by support tickets over this so it may take a while to get to your ticket (but shouldn’t be more than a day).


  1. Kanuki says:

    Tested last night. It only has option for me to pay via PayPal.

    Unfortunately I do not have the paypal account, credit card,
    and RHB account to topup credit to PayPal.

    Please provide the option to pay via BolehVPN using Maybank2U.

    Best Regards

    P.S. The special offer button is gone now.

  2. mhd says:

    i got email saying you sent me email
    but i did not get it and no bolehvpn discount or offer in IPT

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