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August 9, 2011
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August 11, 2011
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IPT Password Changed 9 August 2011

As usual, the IPT password has changed.

It is available from our panel system at (login and then click on Bonus).

Please note that only FULL VPN subscribers (30 day VPNs and above) are entitled to this Bonus.

That means if you’re a

  1. Trial subscriber (3 day or 7 day package)
  2. Seedbox subscriber taking the tie-in plan
you would not see the Bonus link.
For long-term seedbox subscribers, please e-mail us if you require the IPT password and we will grant it to you on a case to case basis.
If you’re not on the panel system yet and are a VPN subscriber, e-mail us with your BolehVPN username and we will also send you the password.


  1. adam says:

    seedbox user still need the ipt password meh??? shame shame lah ~~~ hahahaha

  2. mond says:

    please add more ip from UK,.. please..

    Thank you.

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