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November 16, 2009
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November 18, 2009
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IPT Individual Accounts Delivered

To those of you who donated to IPT for their own account, this has been delivered!

Check your spam and all!

I have 13 invites left 😀 Once again RM34 or USD10.00 to me and I will get it processed to you. All monies goes to IPT (+Paypal for their dumb charges).

Update: 9 invites left. I have also sent USD187.20 to IPT for 20 invites sent (Paypal after charges is USD9.36 received). I know some of you paid in RM so that also covers any conversion charges I need to pay. My formula was USD9.36×20=USD187.20.


  1. adam7979 says:

    paypal depends wor… if you send your paypal balance as gift you won’t be charged….

  2. bosscat says:

    Reuben, you got mail! 😛

  3. Reuben says:

    adam7979: I get charged UPON receipt.

    I don’t think IPT needs to pay anything for receiving my money.

  4. ShadowTek says:

    Cool, thanks!

  5. ericong77 says:

    Reuben, just sent you an email.

  6. Sandip says:

    Hi reuben,

    Do you still have any invite left ? if yes then I will transfer you now. Also if I get the my own personal account do I need to maintain the ratio ?

  7. Thank You For Supporting IPTorrents.

  8. azmi says:

    ouch!!..so, i assume there will be no more `free’ ipt login after this?..although i am just occassional downloader, i find the website have a very friendly layout that makes it easy to decide whether to download the content or not compare to the public torrent..

    i have to past this one since i think couldn’t commit to the rules set up by the owner..

    anyway, wish you all good luck and thanks for the previous free login..

  9. edwin74 says:

    hmm… do send me details on 1 invite

  10. adam7979 says:

    reuben: ohh got business premier acc one ahh, then i dunno liao lor…. i always ask my customer to paypal me as gift… anyway if they use credit card instead of paypal balance they will be provided with an option like “1) i want to pay the processing fee” “2) deduct from the amount bla bla bla”

    so, same oso la :~(

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