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September 15, 2012
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IPT Account Recovered

A user stole our IPT account with malicious intent and we’re locking down the account for the moment. We have his details from IPT and will take the necessary action.


  1. Schadenfreude says:

    I wish to pelt this individual with rotten tomatoes to better express my disgust! 😛

    On the bright side, thanks for dealing with this matter so swiftly! Cheerio! 😀

  2. wongtk says:

    Again, some people just doesn’t learn that you will get caught with such malicious action. I hope bolehvpn will impose strict banning on this individual to again remind others to adhere to the rules set upon us when using free service like this as this is privileged and understand that bolehvpn has no obligation to provide free to subscribers.

  3. zeleecher says:

    There we go again. Hope that this incident will not be the ‘last straw that broke the camel’s back’.
    Will miss IPT if the Admin removes this free gift.

  4. Zachieboy says:


  5. Hasif81 says:

    is it ok now??? pls ban that individual..i need a dose of my tv series when i come back from office today ughh!

  6. Curt Leong says:

    Cant the user read… Sigh… I need my daily dose of IPT browsing.. Please BAN this individual and let everyone else move on..

  7. Choongster says:

    The only reason I am still subscribed to BolehVpn is for iptorrents ….

  8. Randy Chitty Nathan says:

    as per choongster.. its the only reason I use IPT.

  9. Jonz says:

    Havent seen an idiot for a while. i guess they come by frm time to time

  10. Randy Chitty Nathan says:

    moreover.. i got 2 notebooks.. 1 at home and the other follows me ard.. and i travel often???

  11. wongtk says:

    finalllly ipt account restored back. thanks for swift action taken from admin!

  12. Raymond says:

    Reuben, I smell spam from Ayumi.

    Spammers are pretty advanced these days as they can detect the proper “keywords” to use on the page and then append the URL that they want to link to, hoping that the admin would not be suspicious…

  13. michaelxer says:

    u know what? for people like this, u should share his personal information on the net, so people will spamming him, msg him, call his phone… it will better if u share his address and put prank information like: “china dolls – RM350/night call: mr thief, phone: 0000, address: his home, transfer to: his bank acc and maybe his photo too” trolololo

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