IPT Donation for Anti Cheating System
March 25, 2009
Cherokee Reinstallation
March 26, 2009
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IPT Access Restored

IPT access has been restored thanks to the helpful guys who donated!

I will not elaborate on how to get the updated details…you guys should know how!

Special props to solbergk who donated USD50.00 in one shot <3 Much respect and love.

Please note that we have now finalized our stand to maintain the IPT shared freeleech account as long as the monthly costs are covered for the anti-cheat system.

Full details can be found here. There is also a chart available that reflects the good samaritans and shows how close we are to meeting our monthly commitment goal which is USD100.00 per month.

Please make a small contribution (or a large one! ;P) to keeping this wonderful account for all of us in the BolehVPN family.

And a note to those who cheat: You will be found out soon and caught and tortured in the most horrendous fashion 😛


  1. ningbob says:

    will donate soon! probably this weekend ok, thanks a lot! yepeee!

  2. Eddie5a says:

    Wow. That was fast. Great going, man. Also thanks to solbergk for out-samaritan-ing everyone else.

  3. Andrew says:

    My concern is that only the few will donate whereas the rest will just “leech” off the donations. I’d rather pay monthly for my own freeleech account… USD6 is very reasonable to me.

  4. Bryan says:

    Reuben you need me to sit on them?

  5. jackson says:

    why would people want to cheat the ratio?I dont really understand why. The account is shared by everyone, not used by one people only.

  6. housedetective says:

    Great job Guys! thanks to all those that donated.

    cheaters, beware, we can trace your IP down to your house!!!!
    Don’t F with it!

  7. Paul says:

    Andrew, I totally agree with you. Everyone should be responsible for their own and am willing to pay US6 for it. However, during the 2-3 days without Bolehvpn ipt freeleech, I started using my own IPT account and slowly but surely am able to build up my own upload credits. By being strict, I think it will benefit everyone in the end and make IPT even better with even better seed ratios!

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