Invite your Friends to BolehVPN and earn extra days/cash!

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Invite your Friends to BolehVPN and earn extra days/cash!

We are pleased to announce that we are officially launching our referral system whereby you can recommend BolehVPN to your friends and earn rewards for both yourself and the person you invited!

For every friend who joins and subscribes to BolehVPN you will earn points that can be redeemed either in the form of additional days added to your VPN account or cash redemption (via Paypal).

You would have to keep your subscription to BolehVPN active to earn points.


Invite your friends!

Login to your account through our Customer Portal and then click on Invite a Friend. You can either send the referral email directly thru the portal or copy your referral link and paste it to your own e-mail.


Once your friend buy a subscription with us, you will earn the following points:

Points That You Will Earn When Your Friend Purchases
BolehVPN Package Points Earned Redeem value (days) Cash Value (USD)
3 Days 20 2 0.40
7 Days 40 4 0.80
30 Days 100 10 2.00
60 Days 150 15 3.00
125 Days 300 30 6.00
180 Days 450 45 9.00
365 Days 600 60 12.00

Your friend that you invited also earns some points from being referred by you so everyone wins!

Points That Your Invited Friend Will Earn
BolehVPN Package Points Redeem value (days) Cash Value (USD)
3 Days 10 1 0.20
7 Days 20 2 0.40
30 Days 40 4 0.80
60 Days 80 8 1.60
125 Days 120 12 2.40
180 Days 160 16 3.20
365 Days 200 20 4.00


You may redeem your points at any time, for as long as your subscription is active and subject to the following minimum points:

Points VPN Days Cash Value (USD)
10 1

Redemption in cash must be made in multiples of 1000 points.



  1. Points can only be earned by users with an active paid package with BolehVPN.
  2. If your account expires, existing point balance will be deducted as follows:
    1. 30% of your balance after 30 days
    2. 50% of your balance after 60 days
    3. 100% of your balance after 90 days
  3. Cash redemptions will only be made via Paypal in USD and shall be processed once a week.
  4. BolehVPN reserves the right to forfeit or deduct any point balance of a user for abusive behaviour that shall be determined solely by BolehVPN. This includes but not limited to creation of fake accounts to earn rewards and any attempts to game the referral system or due the cancellation of subscription payment.
  5. BolehVPN’s Referral system is a completely complimentary service. We reserve the right to discontinue the Referral system at any time or amend any terms and conditions of the Referral system including but not limited to the formulas of earning points and redemption values without prior notice.
  6. All updated rules of the Referral system including the latest formulas for earning/redeeming points will be posted on our Referral Points System FAQ.
  7. Any questions/clarifications on the Points system can be made by e-mailing us at

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