International Link Outage at 2.30 AM last night

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January 30, 2008
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January 31, 2008
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International Link Outage at 2.30 AM last night

Malaysian Connectivity Outage

There was a brief international link outage in Malaysia at 2.30 AM last night resulting in a loss of connectivity for about an hour.

We are also still receiving reports that certain IP ranges still encounter issues and high loss rates when connecting to international sites. This was apparently due to an international link error which had been rectified yesterday but for some reason, this ‘fix’ has not been reflected in several IP ranges.

Tech Support at TM advised us to e-mail (that’s right not with ping reports to several international sites (not including google since it has a Singapore server), your Streamyx username and current IP address to help their techs resolve the issue as they are aware of the problem.

Good sites to ping:

  5. (to test local connectivity)

To do pings under Windows, open up Start, Run, Type cmd, type ping -n 10. Replace with the other sites above to try the rest.

To copy, right click the window, Mark and then select and press enter. Paste with ctrl v.

Sarawak “Waiting for Response” error

In Sarawak, certain lines at around 12.30 AM also experienced a loss of connectivity from Streamyx which gave a DSL light but the authentication process would no go past the ‘Waiting for Response” stage, a problem which was acknowledged by TM and from morning reports, the problem seems to have been resolved.

Ken Server Upgrade Completed

We have also fully upgraded to a newer OS Ken and it is ready to take connections.

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