International cap FUP on TM will be tweaked and if no improvement, removed

International Cap was likely a Bug: Room for Improvement
November 30, 2010
TM possibly capping local connections as well
December 2, 2010
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International cap FUP on TM will be tweaked and if no improvement, removed

A Statement was made by Dato Zam, Managing Director and Group CEO of TM this morning on BFM radio. TM will temporarily halt the implementation of the FUP (fair usage policy) pending review if their tweaking does not work over the next 2 days, and feedbacks collected from the public en masse. He also said that it is only viable for TM to implement FUP. (FUP will be revisited).

The international capping was previous tagged as TM exercising its rights under the FUP but it appears that the system wasn’t working perfectly and causing users to be capped at arbitrary speeds in certain areas. This went by unnoticed for the most part and users thought it was just another round of TM instability and some were even told that it was an undersea cable issue (which is untrue since that had been fixed previously). I suspected something afoot so started a thread on LYN seeing if it was a widespread problem and this is how this issue came to light. Much thanks to Aizuddin and other bloggers in helping to bring this issue up to TM senior management.

For those of you who want to hear the interview you can do so here. Most of it is about Unifi but there was an acknowledgment of the problem at 37:41 into the video.

Some excerpts:

Fair Usage means that all our paying customers means they should be treated fairly. Heavy users tend to hog the network at the expense of the non-heavy users. The challenge is how we can implement this best we can and so that it is truly fair for the customer.

On how he is going to resolve the capping issue:

We will find a way out immediately, today we are looking at some parameters that will allow the equilibrium of usage. If it’s still a challenge in the next 1-2 days, I’m going to pull that out first and then we will relook, get feedback from our users and see how we can do this better.

We have to be realistic and accept that FUP is indeed standard practice however there should be some control:

  1. FUP should only be used to regulate where there is a spike in internet activity and not as an excuse not to improve bandwidth/infrastructure. If during peak periods it’s ALWAYS congested, then TM needs to improve bandwidth.
  2. FUP should distribute available bandwidth and not apply an arbitrary cap which was what this traffic shaping project did.
  3. Customers should not be used as guinea pigs. The system was rolled out without users being informed and turned out to affect a good number of users.
  4. TM customer support frontliners should be informed of changes like this and be able to communicate this to the users without resorting to direct contact with top level management.

Now remember if you are having problems with the international cap or ‘FUP’, a new e-mail line has been created by their Corp Comms VP Izlyn and you should send your speedtest results to (effective 1 December 2010).

Best way is to enclose reports from SG and Cyberjaya and compare them with the other MY servers and TM’s own speedometer along with the time that the capping is happening.


  1. Yakumo says:

    well at least maybe they will learn their lesson but to me its just another reason to buy time to something else that might be the problem. good to know something is being done rather than daylight robery, 1mbit use being rob 70% of ther bandwhd.

  2. Pakwe says:

    ahahaha now i remember..last year this kind of problem was occured…haiya…TM makan duit haram la…..but the the capping was removed then…same month..oh yeah..after stpm ended….i will wait….but u know what..i am in my semester holidays..come on la..i want to download ma…bastard tm le…ahahahahahahahaha..haiya…ini bos melayu suka makan duit haram la..u baik makan babi la cibai…

  3. zahazam says:

    zaharin kawan baik zam 🙂

  4. nia seng says:

    adik beradik….
    mmu implemented sohai policies
    tm juga nak….

    sana cakap untuk tolong kawal bandwidth and stop those heavy user…
    sini..aku cant even masuk fb stalk girls mia photo….
    mcb la tm..

  5. pepek says:

    fucking shitz,my streamyx 2 mbps speed get slow like dial up,event much more speed!! my speed get normal on 1 am . fuck u tm, i dont pay for 1 am online, i need 24 hour !,

  6. XEQ says:

    I am a heavy (TM’s definition) user. I PAID for ALL my data feeds. I have yearly subscriptions for some, and monthly subscriptions for others. NO P2P. My services are EXPENSIVE (most expensive in the world, for it’s class), as such they are fast. I DO NOT need to flood TM’s network to get decent throughput from my Streamyx subscription, and I DO NOT. Why does TM consider me a “Hog”? A PIG? Just because I consume a lot of Internet data? I PAID FOR THOSE FEEDS, dam it !!!

    With all due respects, should we label Dato Zam a [enter unsavory label here] just because there were some holding high positions in office had been guilty of certain unsavory behaviors? NO, WE DO NOT! And so too must not TM spuriously label users who use their broadband services, even though they do consume a lot of data.

    Why must TM always think that their customers, those who pay them monthly fees, are out to harm TM? Why must the first word out of TM’s mouth be “control”? What happens to being pro-active? What happened during the capacity planning stage? How high is TM’s International bandwidth over-sell level before they roll out their Unifi service? What happens to this over-sell level after that? How does TM’s over-sell level compare with other major ISPs in the ASEAN region?

    Yes, Internet bandwidth abuse needs to be addressed. But not in such a blind and blanket manner as what is being rolled out now. Please think about your subscribers who are currently paying for their data feeds, not just Internet access.

  7. Loki says:

    Just look at the douchebag’s fuckface; do you honestly think he gives a damn? I wouldn’t believe a word of what he says now or in future; it’s all spin-control and empty promises.

  8. Naton says:

    Improve my ass! REMOVE THE STUPID CAP NOW!!!!!

  9. gary says:

    someone had to made a complain through newspaper regarding this issue.

  10. pepek says:

    bull shitz TM! i get hold this hitz any more.!!!! my speed it’s going craps! LIKE ASS! .,,,, GIVE me bandwidth! …slow like shitz. i pay for your every month ass!

  11. universe says:

    They dun consider what you are thinking.Why still got people in this world paying maybe RM160 for 4Mbits package(more expensive than Unifi 5Mbits Home package that being considered as ‘PREMIUM’)but get something around 512Kb-1Mbits speed?Maybe they wanna lure you to subscribe Unifi,but Unifi is only on ‘limited’ area.Why must someone pay ‘PREMIUM’to get sth else?

  12. Char Aznable says:

    Tm net capped all stuff it their mind what good is good what bad is bad so why they lie to US???
    IF jaring bb make their own HSBB and OWN carnival they will be 99% more powerfull then TM net…

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