Interesting Theory on why the International Capping has taken place: Save bandwidth, promote Unifi

A Little Humour on SKMM and TM's relationship
November 25, 2010
International Cap was likely a Bug: Room for Improvement
November 30, 2010
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Interesting Theory on why the International Capping has taken place: Save bandwidth, promote Unifi

Update: this theory is probably untrue as shown by this post.

Lowyat user vivre has this to say:

This fine evening, a TM technician called me, and the conversation took over 30 minutes. He was basically trying to help me with the slow connection (or should I say capped connection), and he was very kind too and have the technical background too.

In summary, these are the key understandings that I still remember (not in order ya, coz I just wrote whatever came across in my mind, just got back from watching movie too, so started to forget some of the details):
a. YES and YES, TM has enforced the capped under the Fair Usage Policy. And he said he could not anything as it was coming from higher level – and the reason that was believed to allow TM to do so is because we have signed the form and there was FUP policy
b. It seems that the international bandwidth has been used up to the CRITICAL level, and prompted them to make this swift move.
c. This move is believed to be a ‘strategic’ move so that existing Streamyx users will migrate to Unifi (where the quota is real and stated upfront) unlike Streamyx which does not impose any quota.
d. Apparently, there is automated system where it monitors the bandwidth used on daily basis and enforce the speed cap across the user base, whenever the bandwidth is saturated. Unfortunately, this system does not monitor INDIVIDUAL usage, but rather as a whole. So, it does not mean that if you don’t clog the bandwidth you are safe.
e. He believes that this cap is temporary while waiting for the Unifi subscriber’s base to increase.
f. The cap is enforced based on the package (meaning to say 4mbps should be getting higher capped international speed thatn 1.5 mbps)
g. It seems that TM won’t go public with this speed cap to take care of their reputation. (Remember when Unifi was launched with quota, the whole nation was condemning them, and later they retracted the quota ‘temporarily’)
h. The growing number of ‘big-buffet-eater’ (read: Unifi users) has something to do with ‘running-out-of’bandwidth’ effect that all of use are currently facing.
i. The word “Unlimited” in Streamyx ads refer to the access and not the bandwidth.

What I did:
a. I asked him to escalate to higher management to let the public knows about this cap.
b. I told him many were flaming and bashing TM, especially nowadays after the sudden speed cap.
c. The FUP should be more transparent rather than GENERIC FUP i.e. Unifi, Maxis BB, Digi BB clearly states their monthly quota.

That’s all. I will add more if I managed to recall some of it.

Hope this helps.

Now I cannot confirm the veracity of this but it is food for thought especially it seems that some other users do have Customer Service telling them that the FUP is being enforced hence they’re being capped.

The official stance of TM is that it’s all in your head:

Now remember that dinner?

TM has a new VP of Group Corporate Comms, and she’s a real firecracker with some sweet ideas to be more engaging with us in the future. I look forward to many of her initiatives, such as a Blogger Briefing, and also a TM sponsored Tech Council. I think the days when we could claim that TM kept us at arm’s length will soon be a distant memory. This lady is bringing TM right into our face, if she has her way. Watch out for her.

Response from Izlyn Ramli, VP Group Corporate Comms.

“Meanwhile we can confirm that there is no extension file throttling going on. Traffic mgmt on p2p is what has already been communicated.”

So much for that.


  1. Pakwe says:

    tak guna la tm ni..WTF…what???is not that unifi only available in certain places only right???this is not the good way to promote la…bodo…..berniaga pun mau tipu ke…u all go back to kampung la..sell belacan…tak pun bela ayam kasi jual….thee packages’ fee is like living in hell…..imagine…512 kpbs at RM66???u can go to hell la tm..u maade money a lot but still FFFF the customers ke??….rais n najib said..they want to increase broadbannd usage..bla bla bla…but the prices of all kira unifi or common packages…those are still for orng kaya n mampu la.. the poors can only enjoy 1315…lol….oh

    cap n continue cap until u all mati…

  2. Marah says:

    sapa yg nak sgt pakai unifi kalau langganan mahal nak mampus….org kaya blh lak melanggan…yg kais pagi makan pagi kais ptg makan ptg mana mampu nak melanggan…sedangkan pakej lama msh mahal…kononnya nak suruh rakyat celik internet tapi buat cakap tidak serupa bikin…lepas nie mesti ada yg naik berang kalau berita nie tersebar…pasal promo unifi nie,who ever make the suggestion are really very stupid than monkey in the jungle…janganlah tambahkan derita pelanggan yg setia walaupun terpaksa setia olh kerana tiada pilihan lain…

  3. Naton says:

    ARGHH!!! i CANT STAND IT!!!!
    i am not able to watch fb video/animes/movies at all!!!!

    sekian terima kasih

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