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March 12, 2012
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March 19, 2012
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Improving the Way we deal with our Customers

With the rapid proliferation of social media and new technologies to connect with our customers, we’re always seeking new ways to improve our customer service.

First of all, we’re testing Get Satisfaction which presents a clean interface and a transparent way for us to communicate with our customers and community. If you have an idea to submit to us, suggestions to improve our service , feedback/queries on our services or even support requests, we’ll be happy to reply there!

Secondly, we’ve signed the Company-Customer Pact. We feel that it’s something that we at BolehVPN pride ourselves on, in that we present a human face to our customers and people know who they’re dealing with. At the same time, customers too have their obligations as well and we’re hoping that this Company-Customer pact improves interactions as a whole between companies and their customers.

Along with open, authentic communication comes the mutual responsibility to make it work. As each of us is both a customer and an employee, we share in the rewards and challenges of candor.

For Companies:

  1. Be Human

    Use a respectful, conversational voice, avoid scripts and never use corporate doublespeak.

  2. Be Personal

    Encourage staff to use their real names and use a personal touch.

  3. Be Ready

    Anticipate that problems will occur and set clear, public expectations in advance for how you will address (and redress) issues.

  4. Be Accountable

    Make it easy to contact you and cultivate a public dialogue with customers to demonstrate your accountability.

  5. Be Earnest

    Demonstrate your good intentions by speaking plainly, earnestly and candidly with customers about problems that arise.

For Customers:

  1. Be Understanding

    Show the respect and kindness to people inside the company that you’d like shown to you.

  2. Be Yourself

    Use a consistent identity and foster a long-term reputation with the company.

  3. Be Helpful

    Recognize that problems will occur and give companies the information and time required to competently address issues.

  4. Be Fair

    Share issues directly, or in a community where the company has an opportunity to respond, so it can work with you to solve problems.

  5. Be Open

    Give companies the benefit of the doubt and be open to what they have to say.


  1. nazrix says:

    i ony wish more companies were run like this

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