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How many of you use Edonkey/Emule?

Just a quick survey as to how many of you use Edonkey/Emule? The infringement notices we’ve been getting lately has reached a very critical level on BolehRoute and 70% of them originate from Emule. I am considering blocking Emule until the situation improves.

Many of these files are available from more reputable sources.

For the torrent users, stay away from The Pirate Bay and other trackers if you want to use BolehRoute. Too many of these files are popular ones and available from reputable sources…Stick to using Public Tracker if you have to.

Here is the List of Infringements:

Please stop downloading/seeding these files immediately

  1. Pimsleur Japanese – Pimsleur (ebook)
  2. CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season 8
  3. District 9
  4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Document) PSP.CrAzY.PACK.VOLUME.1
  5. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (Audio) PSP.CrAzY.PACK.VOLUME.1
  6. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Document) PSP.CrAzY.PACK.VOLUME.1
  7. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Audio) PSP.CrAzY.PACK.VOLUME.1


  1. lovincent says:

    1 here….. but mainly download anime…..

  2. Nix says:

    I’m not using Edonkey/Emule but i stick to BoelehRoute

  3. khoo says:

    i would like to use emule but cannot configure it only

  4. Aiza says:

    I use Emule on BolehRoute. Sorry, I don’t like torrent.

  5. Aiza says:

    I updated my Edonkey servers list from this site http://edk.peerates.net/metlist.php?lang=0. The got the list from the Emule website.

    I hope this is not the one causing the infringement.

  6. Zoidberg says:

    eMule can be put to pasture for all I care. I don’t think it’s worth keeping with regards to the escalating copyright infringements.

  7. Krizalis says:

    Torrent user here.. 🙂

  8. Atavus says:

    I use eMule as my main client since the day I subscribe to this service. It’s the main reason I subscribe to bolehvpn as I’ve been on overnet > edonkey > emule (and this is before torrent days). Could you please post some information on the infringement notices in the forum so we can identify the files being downloaded that is getting this notices.

    On a side note, I’m hoping my daily updated ipfilter is helping to block the authorities. Most of the files I’m downloading cannot be found on the torrent network or it has very low sources (old TV series, classic movies, documetaries, etc. etc.)

    There is also no fool proof way to evade the authorities but a properly set up client can minimize the detection of the downloads. Even one of the biggest torrent site TorrentLeech (which I have an account) has been infiltrated and some members has been getting infringement notices on the private tracker 😛

  9. ShadowTek says:

    So what are the exact rules for bolehroute? I’ve never used it for public torrents, but sometimes I end up with a public torrent that has only a few peers that are all firewalled, and it would be nice to use BR in that situation if it’s within the rules.

    (Oh, I’ve never used edonkey.)

    • Reuben says:


      To be fair we never did quite state them as there weren’t that many users.

      However now with the increase of users, the infringement notices are pouring in and we are contemplating on how to address this issue. I understand if the files are hard to find but these files I’m receiving infringements on are all available from reputable sources!

      BolehRoute is a lot more expensive and difficult to setup than a regular VPN server due to unique IPs hence it’s not that easy to switch providers.

  10. Reuben says:

    I have now posted a full list of infringing materials.

  11. ShadowTek says:

    Do you pass those notices along to whoever triggers them?

    Maybe you could start denying access to bolehroute for x amount of time for users who trigger y number of infringement notices over z period of time?

    I almost never use bolehroute, but I like knowing it’s there if I need it, and I’d hate to see it get taken down.

  12. Reuben says:

    With torrents it’s easier as we can see the tracker they connect to.

    With Emule however, the notices do not mention where they come from or just a ‘username’ from which it was downloaded from so we often are unable to track this.

  13. ShadowTek says:

    I’ve seen a number of Harry Potter infringements notices from a number of different places. It seems like they really crack down on that one.

    District 9 and CSI are new media, and common sense should tell people to get those from private trackers.

    I’ve never heard of this one before:
    “The Pimsleur method is an audio-based system, in which the listener constructs phrases or repeats from memory along with a recording.”

  14. ShadowTek says:

    Torrents are all I’ve ever really used, so I’m not that familiar with the workability of the various edonkey type filesharing applications. Are there any practical darknet-type networks that users could be encouraged to use?

    I once tried StealthNet for like a day, and it did seem to work alright, but it just wasn’t the same as bittorrent.

  15. Aiza says:

    Thanks Reuben…I will check my lists and remove all the necessary items and I promise to be more careful too.
    Atavus, kindly show on how to use the emule ipfilter. thanks

  16. Atavus says:

    I will create a guide soon for bolehvpn users 😀

  17. McMafia says:

    VeryCD eMule user here. Not downloading/uploading the above listed content.
    Please keep us informed on further infringement notice.

  18. helljoker says:

    emule user here too, nop didn dl those file at all..

  19. vincy says:

    i’ve being using emule + bolehroute…
    looks like i gonna have to come back n check for the infrigement notice from time to time.

  20. Pascal says:

    I wanna ask, why i follow Atavus tutorial to config the emule, but every server when i connect it show xxx server appear to be dead?

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