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Help us redesign the new BolehVPN Client!

Hey guys!

We’re looking into redesigning our client with new features, new themes and a new layout. Right now we have three different designs, that we want YOUR opinion on. That’s right! You get to help us choose what the client will look like.

Check out the different designs below, and vote in the poll at the bottom! You can also leave suggestions and feedback in the comments section!

Design One

boleh-vpn-gui1-welcome boleh-vpn-gui1-dashboard


Design Two


boleh-vpn-gui2-dashboard-connected boleh-vpn-gui2-welcome boleh-vpn-gui2-dashboard


Design Three

boleh-vpn-gui3-dashboard-gray boleh-vpn-gui3-welcome boleh-vpn-gui3-dashboard-blue



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  1. Indingo says:

    Design One and Design Two are Incredibly cluttered and almost unusable looking. Please go for Design Three or something more minimal, why? lack of clutter, less resource usage, and nobody wants the client to crash all the time due to so much going on. On another technical note, having a tab which allows you to set your own DNS to your preferential DNS service which then with DNS leak blocking + Lock Down Enabled would automatically input your preferred DNS server in the adapters for you on connection, which would be really convenient.

    Other then that keep it very simple, lose none of the current features, make sure it does not crash and don’t add graphs and information on the front page that does not need to be there, hide it in sub menus, most normal users will just be confused by it. In short, less pictures of servers how how they are connected “Design Two”, which just looks distracting, and more simple colors, contrasting nicely with each other, simple easy to read info that can be plaintext.

    Thanks guys. Also if you want a BETA tester I would be interested, just send me an email, its attached to this message.

  2. Indingo says:

    On another note, right now due to the simplicity and minimalism, I actually prefer the current GUI, If you put an option to vote on the current GUI over the three you presented, I’m sure lots of people would vote to keep it clean and simple, which is what the old GUI is.

  3. Gunnar says:

    To me as a Mac UI developer they all look overloaded (2 and 3 a lot more then 1). But on the upside i think that you got something great you can now start to dial down. Reduce the clutter and the eye candy and you will be fine.

    One side comment on the current Mac Client: it uses a lot the CPU power until you are connected to some server. Seems a bit odd since it shouldn’t do much in idle.

  4. Jack Maverick says:

    I don’t fancy the colour scheme for No.2. Also, I don’t feel they’re that cluttered at all. It looks like a proper Windows program of old, none of the dumbed down ‘apps’ you tend to see alot nowadays.. 😀

    I went for No. 3 because I flipped a coin to choose between 1 and 3… 😛

  5. SolidSapphire says:

    I like design 1 and 3. The “treasure map” design of 2 is creative but makes it look cluttered and confusing. A few suggestions common to current and all designs:

    1. Certificate expiration – The key question I have is how many days/months/years of paid service do I have left? The UI displays the certificate expiration date and my subscription length but leaves the math to the me. When the countdown is low, perhaps the color could be set to red and bold to make it standout.

    2. Transfer statistics – Two transfer statistics I would like to see are:
    – Current overall upload and download speeds across the VPN
    – Maximum upload and download speeds across the VPN for the current session

    This would be useful for troubleshooting performance issues and deciding which server is fastest.

    3. Proxy information – The client doesn’t have a tab to display the SOCKS5 and HTTP proxy information. I have to go to the web page and look up the instructions. It would be very useful to have this information available directly in the client.

  6. Anthony says:

    design 3 looks promising and cool !

  7. Super says:

    None of them. Keep it as it is.

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