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January 19, 2012
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January 20, 2012
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HD Keyring Camera: Should I bring in more?

The response to the HD Keyring camera has been pretty good! I have 2 units left for sale but will bring in more units if you guys post your interest in the comments section!

Home Footage

I have taken some of my own footage of my walk to my car-park. Note that it’s a rainy day and the camera actually performs a lot better in bright sunlight.

Payment Details

If you’re interested in snagging the last two, just contact me at reuben [at] bolehvpn d0t net with the following details

Delivery Address:
Contact No:
Desired Quantity:

and I’ll provide you bank-in details! Free shipping within Malaysia! If you’re in Kuching I can arrange for COD.


  1. wildwestgoh says:

    I’m interested in this cam but currently has not enough cash, been saving up for something else, if it can wait till end of February then I can make a deal and get a 8GB or 16GB along with it. 😉

  2. kaybee says:

    I’m interested. Is this still available? tq

  3. Mike says:

    Is this still available?

  4. Mike says:

    Yes. Still Rm150 with shipping?

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