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September 16, 2009
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GoogleTalk and Body Odor

Now my main IM client is Googletalk. What it lacks in functionality, it makes up in cleanness and simplicity of use. It’s the Zen of IM.

I found something rather queer which I was hoping someone could explain. When I type the words BO, it gets highlighted in Blue. Other word combinations like OB or DO and many others I tried just don’t highlight it.

So do the folks at Google have an obsession for body odor? Or am I missing something obvious?



  1. Kurogane says:

    Words in highlighted in blue are emoticons. Google highlights the most used ones like “:)” “:P” and so on, and apparently “BO” is part of them.

    I have no idea what the emote means though.

  2. Joseph Ting says:

    I think BO is a sunglasses guy with mouth opened. XD

  3. bluhound says:

    What Joseph says is correct. It is an emoticon wearing sunglasses with a shock look.

  4. Kurogane says:

    Ah so that what it was. Doesn’t really look like it though.

  5. dokidoki says:

    see this it’s the emoticon where they will highlight it in blue… haha

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