Google files creepy patent for toys that can watch and record you.

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Google files creepy patent for toys that can watch and record you.


The Internet of Things (IOT) revolution is here…Most people have a common conception of IOT as fridges telling you when you’re running low on milk, thermostats automatically controlling temperature, washing machines that tell you when the laundry is done and other mundane tasks. Google’s new patent filing shows a creepier side of IOT, by integrating them into toys that can record, watch and speak to you. It even has body gestures and facial expressions…

To express interest, an anthropomorphic device may open its eyes, lift its head, and/or focus its gaze on the user or object of its interest. To express curiosity, an anthropomorphic device may tilt its head, furrow its brow, and/or scratch its head with an arm. To express boredom, an anthropomorphic device may defocus its gaze, direct its gaze in a downward fashion, tap its foot, and/or close its eyes. To express surprise, an anthropomorphic device may make a sudden movement, sit or stand up straight, and/or dilate its pupils.


As creepy as it sounds, the privacy implications of IOT are far reaching. In the recent paper, Iota of Fear: eDiscovery of the Internet of Things, there was a reason why Google bought Nest, the company that built the smartphone controlled thermostat.

Google knows alot about its users from scanning Gmail accounts and now it will know when individuals are statistically likely to leave their house. By connecting multiple communication devices into a single automated ecosystem, one can create not only a very accurate data map about a person’s part and recent activity, but also dispense a sensory device – robotic or otherwise – to cater to the person’s anticipatory needs. But will you have control over your personal data map?

Having IOT also gives hackers potential control over the real world. For example, Kevin Munro has hacked into the internet connected My Kayla Doll to spew curse words. Humorous as it may be, with a slight twist, all our Chucky nightmares can be made real…

Chucky's backkkk...

Chucky’s backkkk…

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