Goods and Services Tax implications on Malaysians

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Goods and Services Tax implications on Malaysians

Starting on the 1st April, we will be charging GST on our services for Malaysian customers. Customers outside Malaysia will not be subject to GST as almost all our servers and even our customer portal system are all located entirely outside of Malaysia. The good news is that our prices are staying the same and are already inclusive of GST and for the moment, there will be no difference in the MYR pricing despite GST and the weakening Ringgit! Yes that’s right, we are absorbing all the GST as frankly, this tax is a real burden on our people.

The bad news is that as part of the requirements we will be preparing our full tax invoices for users as well and this would unfortunately mean that we have to put down a customer address for compliance purposes for tax invoices purposes. We’ll leave it up to you what address you wish to put as this will all be done purely over the internet as well and is just to satisfy regulatory compliance.

Our system will charge GST is as follows, if a Malaysian IP is detected, prices will be payable in MYR only either via Paypal, cash deposit or MolPay, if a foreign IP is detected, we will charge in USD or SGD (to be determined) and no GST will be charged on the amount and the address field will be optional.

We are running slightly behind our portal implementation and therefore may need to process the tax invoices manually until our new portal system is up. Depending on how the situation is we may shutdown operations in Malaysia and relocate since our services are not based in Malaysia in any case.

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