BolehVPN Nominated as one of the Five Best VPN providers by LifeHacker
August 22, 2012
Bittorrent Throttling ISPs: The assault on net neutrality
August 23, 2012
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Giveaway of Boombotix Speakers from GeekZen

To celebrate being one of the top 5 VPN providers in the world (at least according to LifeHacker), we would like to extend our warm gratitude. Oh wait, warm gratitude is not enough?

How about a free BoomBotix speaker from GeekZen? Portable, loud and rugged with a one year no questions asked warranty (yes you can drop it off a plane and we will still replace it for you).

That’s right. We are giving away four BB1s and one BB2 to our current subscribers who post in the comments section below! Winners will receive a free BoomBotix speaker (though they would have to pay the nominal shipping).

Stand the chance to win by posting in the comments section below (Please ensure to include an e-mail we can reach you at for shipping details etc and we may have to verify your username to determine if you’re indeed a genuine BolehVPN customer).

The draw will end on Sunday 2 September 2012!


  1. Peter says:

    Congratulations on the LifeHacker listing of the top 5 VPN providers in the world. It’s extra nice when BolehVPN is listed as no. 1. Bolehvpn does live up to the Boleh name!

  2. Justin Yap says:

    Yes “BolehVPN” Land made it made it again among the top being the top 5 VPN providers in the world. Congrats!

  3. Fahad Razeen says:

    Damn, it was by pure chance that I actually found Bolehvpn a couple of years ago. Been happy with it ever since =D
    Lifehacker made a good choice. Congrats Bolehvpn and please keep up the awesome service!

  4. Ricky Law says:

    Congrats. I didn’t know about the nomination! Or else I would have voted.

  5. Brandon says:

    BolehVPN is awesome!

  6. tcmean says:


  7. Tashfin says:

    Wow, thats so cool,

    Boleh VPN is really an awesome service

  8. dokidoki says:

    congrats bolehvpn, i knew you guys will make it to top 3 very soon..

    keep up the good support that you guys has been providing 😀

  9. Suspicious says:

    Congrats! Great service and constantly improving.

  10. Fairuz Mohamed Zain says:

    Congratulations! 1Malaysia 1BolehVPN maaaa! Proud to be a suscriber

  11. stocazzo says:

    You totally deserved the nomination.

    Of all the VPN providers I checked (and I checked them thoroughly, trust me), you showed the best balance of anonimity, p2p friendlyness and good prices.

    Not to mention the EXCELLENT customer relations. It’s probably the first time I can get in touch, in such a short time, with someone from a company to propose an improvement and put it in action in less than a day. It’s a pity the italian server funding didn’t go through though, I spread the world but apparently noone was interested (I was the only one who funded it).

    Anyway, keep up with the good work!

  12. schweetjp says:

    After 5-6 years with you guys from LYN and having built your name throughout these years, you guys deserve it. Congrats!

  13. Bill says:

    Sweet. Congratulations. 😀

  14. Wong says:

    Congratulations BolehVPN! Will always support!

  15. H-S says:

    tahniah la bolehvpn… malaysia boleh.. bolehvpn lg boleh

  16. pangolin88 says:

    Congratulations. I am one of your early customers and am happy with the service provided as well as the helpful team

  17. Raymond Kueh says:

    Congratulations. Have been happy with the services provided ever since signing up few years back. Keep up the good work.

  18. James Lee says:

    Congratulations to BolehVPN!! It’s really happy to see BolehVPN can be nominated in the top five VPN in the world!!

    I have subcribed bolehVPN for more than 6 years. First know about VPN stuff in Lowyat forum, then came across few threads with VPN providers discussing about VPN. It came to my attention that Reuben replied posts to help forumers even if they are not a subscriber yet, or even they are the subscribers of other VPN providers. He sincerely helped out the needed without defaming others, and made objective comments without really advertising for his own BolehVPN.

    So I got impressed by this founder of BolehVPN, and decided to try bolehVPN, trial package, and had some problem setting it up, but the help from them was fast and friendly, and it was settled, and so I’m hooked to bolehVPN for years.

    Well done BolehVPN, from previous openvpn-exec-manual-rename-config to GUI, from previous only few servers to now increasing variety of options, and for the easier payment system. I’m not sure when it was founded, but I think I do watch it grows and progresses for these time. Keep it up, and maintain your quality of service and support for bolehVPN!!

  19. gret08 says:

    Congrats! You definitely earned that spot! A+ customer service, updates, generosity, reliability…couldn’t ask for anything more. 🙂

  20. Amin says:

    I’ve just read the post, congratulations on the top 5 VPN providers on Lifehacker 😀

  21. UnknownSoldier says:

    Congratulation! Let’s hope Boleh stays the cozy place it is today and will not turn into an evil corporation 😀

    Thank you to all the staff for the great work.

  22. whatever says:

    Boleh! Congrats!

  23. Bajunid says:

    I’ve been with Boleh for many2 years. Back when I stumble upon it on lowyat forum ad back when there’s not portal or the GUI. It was awesome then and it’s still awesome now.

    It’s rare that you find a service that stay as awesome as when it first started if not better. In any case. Here’s to BolehVPN…Staying true to its name!

    p/s: Selamat Hari Raya to all!

  24. pirataloco says:

    no surprise there, BVPN service level and support are invaluable to its users. And we keep coming back!
    Well done guys, Thanks, and keep it up!

  25. panafone says:

    BolehVPN has been a boon to my interweb experience for years. I remember the first time I subscribed to your service, it was an eye opener! Plus, the freebies are awesome, (you know what I’m talking about. IPT anybody?)

    Congrats guys, you deserve it!

  26. Alex Lim says:

    BolehVPN, Malaysia Boleh!! Congratulations for being featured on LifeHacker as one of the best VPN provider!! Will always support Malaysia company!! Planning to buy 1 year subscription as soon as I change my internet package to UniFi. 🙂

  27. mtx77 says:

    You guys totally deserve any rewards you get. I tried a bunch of different VPN’s before I found you guys, and none had the service or more importantly the support you guys do. I couldnt be happier with bolehvpn!

  28. Nish says:

    My ding ding dong at full volume on a Boombotix! Sheer pleasure – thanks Gunther.

    Well done Boleh – you rock! Even if my audio-visual fantasy never comes to life, still love your service.

    Like the ISPs in the early days of the Web! Keep rocking on…

  29. cklau1 says:

    Congratulations BolehVPN. The fastest VPN in the world !!

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